Which Server to Choose?

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Which Server to Choose?I went Rogue about a month ago.  Not playing the class, but where I play my normal characters for World of Warcraft.  The original game evolved, and I have not.  I still love to play, but not their way.  I want to enjoy what I know, not relearn on every single expansion.  Thus, screw the advanced graphics for game-play that I enjoy.  It’s not my fault Blizzard refuses to learn from the plentiful of examples set before them.  That lesson being, is there are loads of players who still love the old content and are content to play it.  If Blizzard simply understood that, they would still be getting my monthly fee.  As well as thousands, possibly millions of others.

Besides, it seems like the mighty game gods have run out of ideas and are now simply rehashing old content.  Since Legion is basically a reboot of Burning Crusades.  I’m guessing the Lich King will return.  Probably Bolvar Fordragon, as he took up the helm after Arthas was defeated.  I mean seriously.  Oh and all skills will have to be completely redone yet again and you’ll lose and gain skills as with every expansion.  …yeah I’m over it.

However, I’ve been confronted with new issues.  Sure playing on a different server, comes with caveats of it’s own.  Like bugged quests.  OK that’s expected on a handful of issues.  Along with bugged NPC’s.  OK sure.  Poorly run servers.  That’s a bit of an issue.  I’m on server number 4 after the first two would crash daily.  The first server was Vanilla and I started in Lich King.  So I wasn’t into it as much.  The second server was dead.   I mean I could do a global /who and find exactly zero other players.  I started to really gain ground on the third server but it crashed too often.  Both the second and third servers were hosted by the same people and they would crash every single day.  The main server had roughly 800 players at peak.  If it can’t handle 800 connections then someone isn’t running a server properly.

Then of course there is the global hatred of Americans.  That can be an issue since 90% of servers are not hosted in the US for obvious reasons.  So far, the hatred has been minimal and I’ve found very friendly folks generous enough to help a person starting over.  The old content in it’s original state was hard and making in game currency is tricky without a little boost.

I’ve only been on server 4 for a few days, but most of that time I’ve been working or fixing other peoples problems.  So not sure where this server stands, but I do like the ping rates.

Lastly this means that some of my toons will have to have slightly different names due to lack of availability.  ?

As the French would say, “c’est la vie”.