Plot Twist

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Plot TwistLife for us this past year has been very… fluid.  To say the very least.  “Such is life.”, as it goes.  The plot twists to reveal new decisions, new directions and things that must be handled prior to going forward.  So things are going to slow down as Darla and I remain engaged (just want to make that clear right now), but will put the wedding even further back.  In the next few months, Darla will relocate back to Bay City to handle family matters.  Once her daughter, Alexis graduates high school and moves on with her own life, then Darla and I can resume our own.

I know what you’re thinking.  Why don’t I move to Bay City with Darla?  I’m still working on my own things dealing with my own family.  I’ve explained this time and time again.  I don’t feel I need to explain it further.  Get down on me all you like.  I made my decision and Darla understands.  I’m not about to break promises just because something gets in the way.

We haven’t decided on a new wedding date yet.  Likely be May 3, 2021?  It’s hard to say.  A lot can change between now and then.  But I assure you, like always, we’ll keep you up to date.  We’ll also update our wedding site as well.


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