The Next Expansion

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WoW Legion BoxHere we are at the edge of the crucible that is Legion.  Within 3 days the pre-patch begins and the masses will flood the landscape to try out the new content, new skills and of course the Artifact Weapons.  Which seems to be the only real focus everyone cares about.  Sure you can play a Demon Hunter too, but the weapons seems to be all anyone really drools over.  I’ve seen many videos depicting that other classes will be more fun to play.  Shaman seems to be on top for best kick-assery.

I’ve reduced my force back to 7 characters.  All of which I have loved to play for their uniqueness.  My current setup includes a Druid (Balance/Boomkin), Warlock (Destruction), Mage (Frost), Priest (Shadow), Hunter (Beast Master), Shaman (Elemental) and my Death Knight (Frost).  It was 9 with a Rogue and a Paladin, but it’s insane enough to keep up with the seven.

I’ve spent the morning,

  • Saying farewell to my bodyguards and my garrison
  • Closing out all garrison missions
  • Selling off the massive amounts of resources what will be soon fairly obsolete
  • Spending all my garrison resources for several Smuggled Sack of Gold

Using this handy macro helped shorten the insane time it would take doing it one by one and managed to get a couple of achievements doing so: Got My Mind on My Money

/run BuyMerchantItem(27)
/use Smuggled Sack of Gold

Still took nearly an hour doing all toons.  Though I imagine it cut the other way in half in terms of time.

Looking back, I wasn’t really thrilled with Dreanor.  I’ll be happy to visit Stormwind for a few days and pet battle while time ticks by for the switch to flip and we move on to more green.  I’m sick of green.  Fel this and Fel that.  Garrisons were OK, and made me money.  The flying requirements pissed me off to no end.  Sounds like that will continue into Legion despite the hatred Blizzard got for it last time.

I still spend my time in WoW alone, so I don’t do high end raids.  I don’t have end of game gear.  I only play an hour here and there.  Maybe two if I’m lucky.  Still nothing seems to keep my attention like WoW does.

A lot of new games don’t look fluid.  Rift was touted as such great graphics, but I reinstalled it yesterday.  Although I forgot how to play my Mage, the movements don’t look smooth like WoW does.  The attention to detail WoW has.  I have The Elder Scrolls Online on my steam wishlist, but won’t pay for the Imperial Version at full price (or the regular for that fact), but I missed the summer sale by a day or two.  Though I found Skyrim to look so dreary.  So can’t imagine that ESO will impress me much.  Besides, I have never taken to a game that is absent of tab targeting.  I’ve yet to find a true free to play that isn’t either pay to win or just sucks.  Then there are the games like ESO where you buy the game and there is no subscription, such as Guild Wars 2.  I hated GW2.  I hated Guild Wars.

The only game I’m fairly interested in that isn’t out yet, is Pantheon.  However, the alpha videos make it looks just as clunky as Rift, if not worse.

I can’t help it.  I like the cartoony look of WoW, it’s fluid motions and detail.  The bright happy colors.  I don’t like that every expansion is change-city.  New skill trees, or talent systems.  New stat systems.  Now it seems gear won’t matter.  A gamer showed us you can play naked and just have your artifact weapon and do PVP just fine.

I can’t say I’m excited for Legion.  But I’ve no idea what else to try.

I’ve tried in the past year:

  • Guild Wars 2
  • Rift
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online
  • Lord of the Rings Online
  • Neverwinter
  • Forsaken World
  • Perfect World (yeah, I was getting desperate)
  • Runes of Magic
  • Lineage II
  • Everquest II
  • Wizard101 (told you, desperate)
  • Alganon

There may have been one or two more, just can’t think of them.

And no I don’t want anything that is arena fighting or PVP.  No DOTA or MOBA.  I like fantasy, medieval stuff similar to WoW, but without all the changes they’ve made.  I’ve seen some Co-op Games, but few have such MMO like play.  Anime looking games make me want to regurgitate.

I’ve even tried to get away from fantasy games and play GTA Online.  It’s pretty much a griefer’s paradise.  May as well call it Douchebags Online.

If Blizzard would ever do nostalgic servers like Vanilla or *ahem* Lich King, I’d be all over that.

Anyone have any thoughts?