Summer Update

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Summer NightsWell summer is finally here and we are looking forward to getting some normalcy around here.  As of this week, I managed to calm down my insane amount of work hours to a basic 40 hours between jobs.  Though one full time job is still something I hope to have soon.  Possibly with decent medical benefits as I’ve had little to no good luck with Obama’s care.  At least I’ve managed to take back my Sundays.  Again.

Even though I don’t have any vision coverage, I got some new glasses.  It’s been over 3 years and while I should have had bifocals, I couldn’t afford them in 2013, so I did single vision lens glasses.  Just took them off to read.  I can’t say I’m all for this progressive lens thing.  I move my eyes about way too much and it’s like being stuck in a funhouse.  Only it’s not so fun.  That and they only give me a small reading area to use and I have to tilt my head back to do it.  So I had to get another, cheap set just for the use of my computer.  Talk about a huge change!  I’ve spent years just not wearing any glasses while sitting at my desk.  Apparently I just got used to things not looking clear as they should.  Now they are clear and it’s like a new world.

Darla has made a full recovery and her life is nearly normal again too.  Working at her new job and enjoying it for the most part.  She’s down to a very respectable size 14 and we’re working on getting her new, more flattering clothing to go with the changes as we can.  Her incision is healing very nicely and will fade to almost nothing in a year or so.

Soon we can begin to enjoy doing summer activities.  Just need to straighten out a few things first.  Perhaps see some concerts or fireworks.  Enjoy a bonfire and toasted marshmallows.  Things we loved as kids and haven’t done in years.  Once again, take time to visit family.  Maybe, just maybe a barbeque will take place.

I also tuned down my side work to strictly web designs and WordPress themes.