What would you do?

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I’m curious what you would choose.  I’ve dealt with having to reprogram and replace products for several years.  Many times people will choose replacement regardless of the product being able to be fixed for free simply so they don’t have to take time out of their day to drive an hour round trip.  I suppose if you really do have a busy life, that’s a good option.  Although, sometimes people choose to cancel service based on the fact their products were found faulty and needed fixing or replacing.  Which would make them have to be without service for several days.  Perhaps even a couple of weeks and likely have to buy new equipment anyway because not everyone includes it with the service.

So let’s say you have a service you pay $30 monthly for.  Such as television, telephone, internet or whatever that is similar.

You purchased your equipment valued at $70 such as a cable box, a fancy home phone, modem or router.

If you choose to replace it or cancel service, please let me know your reasoning via the comments below or on the linked Facebook post.