It’s a Gluten-Free World After All

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Gluten-FreeA few years ago, the only time I saw the word Gluten was on the High Gluten Flour bags at the pizza shops I worked at as a teenager.  Never heard, nor ever knew about Gluten allergies until a couple of years ago.  As a society we always have some sort of food diet craze going on every few years.  Carbs, Peanuts and so on.  The most ridiculous of them was the Atkins diet.  Within a couple of months, all the restaurants and stores had Atkins menus and sections.  It was insane and drove me bat-shit crazy hearing it at every turn.  Funny they vanished shortly after Mr. Atkins bit the dust. ?

Now is the time of Gluten-Free.  So I looked it up on a few major medical sites and they all say 1 in 100 are affected.  That’s a 1% chance of having it.  Period.  But suddenly, just like Atkins, it took over restaurant menus and grocery store sections like wild fire.  Every place I went.  And I still think it’s mostly a fad just like every other diet craze we’ve ever had in my lifetime.  Sure there are some who are actually, genuinely affected by Gluten.  But for the most part, everyone else is just jumping on the band wagon.  Either for the monetary gain or because they want to be part of something.  Much like those who suddenly have anxiety.  It’s the cool in thing.  Or Medical Marijuana.  We have 6 Subway restaurants in this small town and 12 Medical Marijuana dispensaries.  Tell me that isn’t a fad.  Doctors must be giving those cards away around here.  It’s freaking insane to have that many.  I digress.

Well it turns out my beloved, Darla was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Having had these discomforts most of her life.  Recently they became more of a very serious issue for her.  Thus the reality of the Gluten-Free diet has come home.  It wouldn’t be fair to have her change her diet and I continue to eat everything she now can’t.  It would just be rude.  Plus, there’s the cross contamination issue to consider.  So we’ve been hard researching the foods and the serious increase in cost to buy them.  It’s a burden enough to deal with all my medications, let alone a new food regimen.  Thanks to a couple of handy websites, a nifty database for looking up foods and my daughter-in-law, who has also suffered from Celiac; has been very gracious with a few suggestions.  So we will get through this and I will be on the Gluten-Free diet as well.  Even simple things like a toaster, you really don’t want to toast regular and gluten-free bread in the same toaster.  So new toaster it is to go with our new diets.  Of course any money saving tips and recipes are highly welcome if you care to share 🙂