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ObservationsThere isn’t a whole lot of anything new going on lately.  Just preparations for the wedding.  Which is frustrating to say the least.  Such as I don’t seem to have a copy of my most recent divorce papers.  Hoping that won’t be a huge issue as I don’t fancy a trip to Virginia just to show I’m no longer married.  Not sure why I don’t have them.  Then again, perhaps they were among the stuff removed from my life during the great storage robbery of 2012.

Other than that, it’s work, work and work.  Tech support in the morning.  Delivery in the evening.  Church on Sunday.  Which is still a lot of driving to Bay City.  Once in a while I get the chance to hang with my kids at the Harvest Barn.  I’m working on making that more of a 50/50 thing.  Right now it’s a 90/10 basis, that’s not in my favor.  Besides, got some grandsons I’d like to get to know more if that’s possible.  That and working less than 55 hours a week would be a welcome change ?

I have however, made some observations over the past few months that have me pondering why people do the things they do.  Especially when they order out or eat out.

Such as tips.  I don’t go out ever, and not tip.  Even if service sucked, I leave something to show how much I appreciate the service.  Sure sometimes it’s a small tip to show I didn’t appreciate the service as much as I’d like.  Still I tip.  When I order delivery, I make sure I tip.  It seems a huge misconception is that delivery drivers get a portion of the cost of the price of the food.  Or that they get the delivery fee.  Having worked for several places doing delivery, the company takes a portion of that delivery fee and no, there is no included tip in the cost.  So tips are what makes it worth doing delivery.  If you have the unmitigated gall to stiff your delivery driver, you truly are a douchebag.  Does that cute little waitress who fills your drink stand in the pouring rain or freezing snow at the door of your home while you fumble about for the money you should’ve had ready when you ordered?  No, she just has to have a tight skirt/pants and a smile.  The delivery fee may cover the gas to get to your house, but not the maintenance of the car he/she used to get there.  Drivers add a lot of miles, as well as unnecessary wear and tear to their cars just to do their job.  At one point I was having an oil change done every month because I was adding 3000 miles to my car every single month.  Plus the new tires, brakes and oil pan I’ve replaced since I started doing this part time work.  The costs have made the lack of income not particularly worth it at times because of tight-wads who have the nerve not to tip.  Seriously, it’s ballsy to not tip your waiter/waitress and delivery drivers.  We don’t think it’s too much to ask that you tip at least $2.  That’s only 10% of your average delivery order.  I’ve talked with my fellow drivers and if that’s all we get, it feels like we’ve done OK.  I go out of my way to make you smile and laugh.  I’ll love on your pets while I wait for you to sign the credit card slip.  I’ll make your kids giggle and feel important by letting them carry the small stuff.  I actually work for my tips.  I don’t just knock on the door and look like I’ve had a bad day.  Instead I try to make your experience a good and memorable one.  Plus I don’t complain when your dog drags that stick down my paint job on my nice shiny car that I keep clean.   I won’t bitch when you decide to use my hood as your signature pad, even though I want to punch you in the face for doing that.  I wouldn’t be so rude to do that to your car.

Then there is the fact that I’m not sure if people are just scum by nature, or if they make a serious effort to be scum when they go out to eat.  OK, I get that you don’t have to do the dishes or wipe off the table, but I swear folks are out to do some damage on purpose when they go out.  They leave excessive amounts of crap all over the table they sit at.  The floor looks like a trash can overflowed next to their table.  They never push their chairs back in.  If they miss the trash can, they don’t even try to attempt and clean up the mess they made.  The bathrooms are even worse.  If someone splatters all over the toilet, they quickly leave the scene and expect someone else to scrub their feces off.  I get you sometimes can’t control yourself, but have some courtesy for others and clean up.  If I do that, I ask the manager for cleaning supplies and own up to my issues.

I mean would you behave like this at a friend or relatives house?  I would hope not.  So what makes going out any different?  Is there some unwritten rule you have to be a complete ass and wreck the restaurant?

The list goes on and on, but yeah it’s like people try to be scum when they are out.  Or perhaps they are just that scummy and their houses look like hell.  Which I can attest to be a true statement.  Having done onsite computer repair and delivery over the years, people’s houses can be down right scary in how gross they are.

Also, I’ve noticed that the snow has returned.  Again…  Make it go away!


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