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U-Haul TruckIf I never see a moving truck again, it’ll be too soon.  I’m so sick of moving.  Seems I move generally every 1-2 years since 1982 if memory serves right.  Since my Mom and Step-Dad split up.  I think I lived in Williamsburg for a few years.

Each time I do, I wish for it to be the last time.  This time I don’t relish actually living here for more than a year as it’s more than I can handle.  I would rather find a cheaper place next year.  Perhaps something to own.  Because I’m over this moving nonsense.

Since returning to Michigan I’ve moved 3 times, my mom has just now moved 4 times.  We haven’t even been back four years yet!  Enough already!  In which I’ve just finished moving her out and Darla in.  Yesterday was a very, very long and exhausting day moving Darla’s things up from Bay City.

I’m one pooped puppy.  Darla is too.

On another subject, there seems to be some confusion as to my income.  Where is comes from and what I’ve done with it.  Not sure why it’s anyone’s business but my own, but then again, I don’t hide anything.  Rumor has it that when my hours got cut at my day job, I got a job at BC Pizza in Petoskey shortly after.  That’s not possible.  Any regular readers here know I post about everything in my life.  I don’t do it to brag.  I am certainly not proud of my current employment situation.  I work part time at my day job for Widomaker and deliver part time at night for Mancino’s.  It is what it is and I deal with it.  I do post everything here as a way to chronicle my life.   Boring as it may seem sometimes.  Funny other times.  I’ve been doing it long before Facebook.

I normally don’t put actual business names on my site as to not give any negative effects to them.  Either intentionally or unintentionally.  I’ll make an exception this time.

So here is my timeline involving my income and where I have lived since moving here.  The links in each paragraph below indicate I’ve already wrote about this stuff.

June 2013

We got back to Michigan.  I did not own a car during the first 18 months of living in Michigan.  Ninty percent of the time, I walked where I needed to go.  Ten percent I got rides from my others.

June 2014

During the first year, I lived in my apartment and worked full time for Widomaker.  Though I did lose my company paid health insurance during that time.  I’ve been on Obamacare since.  Expecting to move to East Jordan to be closer to my sons, I stayed with my mom while looking for an affordable place there.  I didn’t write about it, but you can see in a picture, my drum kit wasn’t in my apartment anymore.  The deal was I would pay $250 a month to help save up to get a place of my own.  Which I feel I did diligently.  When I could I’d give more than the agreed amount to help pay for bills and such.  It wasn’t often I’d do that.  However, but I never failed to keep up my end of the bargain.

July 2014

Moved to where I live now.  Still with my mom as it was only a month since I moved.  Still working full time, still looking for a place in East Jordan.  Was not planning on a getting a car at this point.  I could walk all of East Jordan, it’s a small town.

October 2014

I get an email from my boss saying my hours were getting cut in half.  I had a ton of vacation time saved up and never used.  So from October until December, I used my vacation time to make up for hours I wasn’t getting.  Which is when I began to search for a second job.  I had a very hard time finding anyone who wanted a person with health issues.  Plus I had to start looking for a car to get to work and back.  During the time I had been back, I had saved up $1000 and bought a 1995 Chevy Lumina cash.  Thus depleting my savings and putting my move to East Jordan off for several months.

December 2014 to April 2015

My vacation time with Widomaker had run out.  I still have had no luck finding a second job.  I’ve been looking since I got the email in October.  I still have medical bills to pay from a hospital visit in Winter of 2013.  That and for the Ambulance ride too.  Let’s just say it’s cheaper to die.  However, during these few months, I was granted Unemployment for my reduced hours.  I was given 20 weeks of it and had 52 weeks to use it.  I claimed a grand total of 11 weeks.  Hating every minute of claiming government help.  Hating the fact I was living with my mom still.  None of my plans were working out.

April 2015

I finally after giving up on Gaylord completely, I found a job in Petoskey.  With BC Pizza.  It was an hour drive up and an hour drive back on the nights I worked.  The tips were OK and on good weeks, made it worth while.  Though I was putting 3000 miles on my car every month between the drive and the delivery area being so large.  So extra costs were involved as for $15 – $20 gas every day and $40 oil changes every month.  Still living with my mom, in this house, looking to move out and saving every penny I could to do so.  As soon as I started making a second income, I stopped claiming Unemployment to help clear my conscience.

August 2015

During the months, I built up my savings again.  But only a few hundred dollars at this point.  Especially since my car had new tires put on ($385) and new front end parts installed ($500).  But it wasn’t enough to save it.  Especially from a place that claims not only to do it, but do it right.  They did it wrong and ruined what brakes I had left after failing to inspect them properly.  I sold the car with the new tires for $178 to A&L Steel.  Forcing me to buy a new car if I wanted to keep working both of my jobs.  Wiping out my savings once again.  Adding to my depression knowing I wasn’t moving out any time soon.

December 2015

My hours at BC Pizza dwindled to a whopping 8 hours per week.  It was the slow season.  Still driving an hour up and an hour back wasn’t worth it anymore.  Half of my hours would’ve been for gas alone.  It was time to find a new job.  Not that I have yet to stop looking for a new full time job.  But what does a tech do in Podunk nowhere?  I have yet to answer that question.  I found one with Mancio’s.  Still living with Mommy Dearest and rebuilding my savings once again.  Still looking to move out as soon as I could rebuild my money.

February 2016

In January my mom got the opportunity to move out early from her lease here.  Darla and I wanted to move into a place of our own.  We had some savings, but not a lot.  We managed to take over the lease here and my mom moved out.  Guess what?  My savings are gone again, but I’m still working as much as I can between Widomaker and Mancino’s.  Darla is trying to get some decent hours to help pay for this place.

So there you have it.  My timeline of living Gaylord.  Where I get my money and where it goes.  All nice and neatly laid out.  There shouldn’t be any further questions about it or doubts.

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