Frequently Asked Questions

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faqDarla and I have been getting a barrage of the same questions over and over.  So…  To put it in writing, here are our answers to these questions.  Of course, it won’t stop people from asking, but hopefully it will slow it down some.  Because honestly these questions are getting a bit frustratingly annoying.

Why Gaylord?

Why did we choose to live in Gaylord?  It’s a middle ground.  See, I (Denny) left Michigan in 1993 to join the Navy.  I was freaking out about my marriage ending and needed time to get away and think.  What better way to do that and serve our country at the same time.  While I was there I learned to be the geek I am today.  So I came back in 1998 just to move back to Virginia in 1999 for a job at Gateway.  Which was outsourced in 2001.  I got married and stayed in Virginia up until Summer of 2013 when I moved back.  I moved back because my being away has not made me very close to my sons.  They are why I came back.  I promised them I wouldn’t do that to them again as I want to try to reconnect and get close to them.  I wanted to move to East Jordan to be able to spend more time with them.  But I couldn’t find work or a place to live there.  So here is the deal.  They live nearly an hour away from Gaylord depending on weather.  Darla’s family is an hour and a half south of here.  Denny makes this drive every weekend.  It’s not a horribly long distance.  So in not breaking my promise to my sons, this is a good middle ground between the two families.  Darla and I agree to this arrangement.  Tough noogies if anyone else doesn’t like it.  As for Alexis moving, we’ve both had to make moves in our life times as children and adjusted just fine.  She will too.

What are the details of your wedding?

Some folks think we should have everything planned by now.  Down to the last detail.  We are still working on finding a place for us to live in.  Outside of that, we spend a few hours together on Sundays.  We’d rather not waste that precious time with each other planning.  We’ll have plenty of time for that once we get settled into a place.  We will let everyone know when we have all the details.  Stop bugging us until then!

For one, our wedding is many months away.  We have only a small clue how many people want to come as they have yet to let us know.  Why?  Because it’s months away and they don’t know themselves if they can come.  We don’t know if the weather will play nice, so we aren’t sure if we are going with plan a)  Carroll Park or plan b) the Christian Assembly Church.

Why a Pot-Luck Reception?

This pot-luck thing is a topic of discussion.  It’s simple, we don’t have money, thus we can’t afford catering.  Don’t like it?  Don’t come.  Simple answer.  Also it’s not unheard of.  Try using your favorite search engine and looking it up.

We’ll tell you what though.  If you want to pay for our reception’s catering, then we’ll let you.  We’ll drop the pot-luck in a heartbeat if you want to foot the bill.  Let us be clear though, you’re paying for it and it’s not a loan.  Otherwise, pot-luck is the only thing we can afford.

Why is the wedding on a Tuesday?

Because that date is special to us.  We want our anniversary to always be May 3rd.  Sucks that it falls on a Tuesday.  But we aren’t about to change the date just to please others.  It’s that simple.  We moved the reception to a weekend to appease those who can’t make a Tuesday wedding.  We’re OK with only a handful of people coming to the wedding itself.

How come you’re having the reception on a different day?

Read the above paragraph.  If you’re still confused, we can’t help.

Why is the wedding being held in Bay City?

Darla has the most people coming.  For one, Carroll Park is the place I proposed to her.  We’d like to have it there.  Plus, it’s far better to inconvenience a few folks to drive from Gaylord or East Jordan to Bay City than to inconvenience a lot of people.  Those coming from out of state will have an easier time getting to Bay City than to Gaylord.  Besides decent hotels in Bay City are cheaper.  Gaylord the only affordable place is the Timberly and it’s not recommended.

The most frustrating part of all of this is we don’t understand why folks can’t just accept our wishes and go with it?  Instead there are people who feel the need to push their opinions on us.  As if that will somehow make us happier.  When in reality, it’s not what we want, it’s what someone else wants.  Frankly those are the things that almost make us want to skip the whole damn thing and just find a Justice of the Peace and do it quietly.

Also, as a side note, Denny works two jobs.  Not just one.  It seems even though I’ve been a geek doing tech support for computers since 1994, people seem to ignore that fact.  Or the fact that I’ve been working for the same internet company for nearly 13 years.  Instead they hear I do delivery for a pizza place and suddenly I’m just some low life minimum wage person.  The fact is, there are not many tech jobs here in Gayrock.  So I make fairly decent money in wages plus tips doing my part time second job.  It’s a SECOND JOB, not what I plan to do for a living.  Sure my future may not be in the tech world, but it isn’t in pizza delivery either.