Old Enough

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The GrandkidsA few years ago, I was shocked at the possibility that I might be a grandpa soon.  I didn’t feel old enough.  That was only four short years ago.  Well it seems like it was not so long ago.  A lot has happened since then.  I ended my previous marriage.  I had 3 heart attacks.  I moved away from Virginia and returned to my home town in Gaylord.

This year has been a life changer.  I’ve reconnected with the love of my life.  I am also now officially a grandpa!  Now, at 46, I feel old enough.  I had prayed for this time to come as knowing I may not have all the time I’d like in this world, I wanted to see my grand kids born, spend years with my children and my soon to be wife.  God has been gracious enough to grant to all of those requests.

My youngest step daughter Bethany and her husband Jeremy beat everyone to the punch.  Even though we are not related via her mother and I being married, she still considers me a father figure and has granted me the privilege of being called Grandpa.  On June 8, 2015, Hayden Francis LaPradd came into the world 🙂

Soon followed was my youngest son Adam and his wife Laura announced that they were expecting a baby.  On November 28, 2015 Judah Allen Fowler was brought into the world.  I got to meet him last Tuesday and he’s a beautiful blessing to his parents.

There’s one still to come, Noah Allen Fowler is on his way.  My oldest son Allen and his wife Misti couldn’t be happier.  I know I can’t wait to meet him 🙂

I guess it’s time to let that grey hair take over 😉


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