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HourglassApparently there is a handful of people who think I have nothing to do all day.  It’s starting to get on my nerves.  I even had a lady at the pharmacy outright tell me in not so many words, that I was an unemployed bum.  I quickly corrected her to know that I work more than 40 hours per week between two jobs.  As well as in not so many words to kiss my ass.

I don’t know how many of you have two jobs, but if you do, you know that working two jobs takes up more time than one full time job.  As you work, then you’re off for a couple of hours in between then go to the other job.  It’s hard to get a decent night sleep let alone do things like house hunt, do laundry and grocery shop.  Many nights you want to unwind for an hour and then go to bed just to start it all over again.  I’m so happy that I’ve shaved two hours of my days off by finding a local job.  That hour drive each way was wearing thin.  Not too mention the monthly oil change due to all the miles that puts on.

Sadly I may not have as much time as I’d like in this world.  When your cardiologist tells you after your third stent is surgically placed, “You might have 2 years, you might have 20 years.”  You tend to try to enjoy the time you have.  Which hasn’t worked out as well as I had hoped, but dammit I’m trying.  This is why I came back home.  I realized I wanted time with my family.  Namely my two sons who I hadn’t seen much of while I lived in Virginia.

Major bonus is the fact my first High School sweetheart and I got back together and are getting married.  She is fully aware of my health and accepts it.  She also plans on helping me eat healthier and work off the rest of the weight I want to lose.  Hasn’t been easy in the situation I’m in to eat healthy.  Long story of not wanting to explain that one.

Soon Darla and I will be in our own place and things like that can start getting back on track.

This upcoming event of us having our own place and our wedding is becoming frustrating due to outside pressures.  It seems there are some people who have decided that we should have everything planned by now and that I should somehow have a place already set aside for us to live in.  I’m not sure what world they live in.  It’s certainly not the real one.

For one, our wedding is many months away.  We have no clue how many people want to come as they have yet to let us know.  Why?  Because it’s months away and they don’t know themselves if they can come.  We don’t know if the weather will play nice, so we aren’t sure if we are going with plan a)  Carroll Park or plan b) the Christian Assembly Church.  Also this pot-luck thing is a topic of discussion.  It’s simple, we don’t money, can’t afford catering.  Don’t like it?  Don’t come.  Simple answer.  Also it’s not unheard of.  Try using your favorite search engine and looking it up.

Speaking of money, it takes time to save up for a wedding.  Especially after we spend it all moving and on expensive medications.  Which brings me to the part of getting a place to live.  We want this to happen soon.  But…  Finding an affordable place isn’t turning out easy.  We make too much for assisted apartments it seems.  But most places that are near town are more than we can afford on a monthly basis.  Yet some think I should have found a place and had it reserved by now.  I don’t know about you, but most people wanting to rent a place want it filled now.  Not wait a month or two while we come up with the money.

</end rant>


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