Over and Under Whelmed

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Over and Under WhelmedIt’s that time of year again.  Where almost nothing seems to go according to plan.  What’s more, is since 2012 things have been different for me.  Suddenly I’m allergic to peanuts.  And I’m also 10 times more emotional than I’ve ever been before.  It makes for a very very difficult time to deal with all these things coming at me.


I can’t help but hate our new government assisted healthcare plans.  I was perfectly happy with the one my day job gave me.  However, thanks to Obamacrap, his premiums skyrocketed and now I have to suffer with Healthcare.gov’s crap offerings.  The first year I was able to find a decent plan and it cost me $163 per month.  The second year that same plan cost me $222 per month.  It was the only plan I could find that covered all my medications to where my co-pays were a total of $85 per month.  It’s an expensive way to go, but it was what I could get.  In 2016 that plan is going to be replaced with one that makes two of my most expensive medications uncovered.  Well a co-pay of $300 each.  Since they only cost $250 each, that’s $500 per month on top of all the other co-pays and the monthly premium of $217.  That’s way too expensive.  I’m in a panic trying to find a new healthcare plan and it seems that they all have similar offerings.  I can’t afford that.  Period.  I don’t know what to do and I don’t believe I know anyone who understands healthcare insurance that I can sit down with.  So if anyone does, I need to get with you before December 15th.


On top of all that panic, here comes that holiday that always comes before tax returns.  Why is that?  Between dealing with snow removal, higher heating bills, tires and winterizing our cars, as well as more electricity usage due to shorter daylight hours; lets throw in a holiday where you need to spend a bunch of money to decorate and provide gifts to family and friends.  Since I’ve been a one person income, I’ve found it next to impossible to have a decent Christmas.  This year is no exception.  It’s going to be a cheap Christmas at best.  I’m sorry but a few gift cards, my popular Christmas Cards and a couple of gifts is all I can hope to achieve.  Especially since it’s the off season for both my jobs.  I’ve had hours cut from my night job, and it’s barely enough to cover my monthly expenses.


Speaking of money.  It’s been a very long year as far as saving up money to move out of this tiny room I live in.  Come January we hope to move into a place of our own and finally get our lives started in the right direction.  It’s going to be tough to get it done in time let alone moving heavy furniture in the cold weather.  My not being as spry as I once was isn’t going to help either.  Damned old age and heart conditions.  Then again, I always manage to find a way.  Just wish it was the easy way for once.


Then… When we finally get settled in, we need to start saving for our up coming wedding.  This is part of the reason it’s going to be a low budget ordeal.  We have 5-ish months to save up for the basics and making sure we have a place secured for the reception and nail down tux rental, decorations, and someone to marry us.  Though from the lack of response to our recent Facebook posting, it seems not one person will be coming to our reception.  Or our wedding.  No one responded at all.  We had hoped to get a rough idea of what we need to plan for.  It’s been a huge question, “How many people are you inviting?”.  So when we asked who wanted to come, no one responded. ?


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