Reception Date Change

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King and QueenDear Loved Ones, Family and Friends.  After some discussion, we decided to move our reception to another day.  As May 3rd falls on a Tuesday, many won’t be able to take the day off.  The date is far too special to us to move the wedding itself.  So we will marry on Tuesday May 3rd.  We are not sure when, as we are unclear if the Pastor we have chosen to wed us can get the time off himself.  We may need to seek a Justice of the Peace or alternative qualified person to perform the ceremony.

We will move the reception to Saturday May 7th @ 2pm.  Still hoping to have it at Carroll Park in Bay City if the weather is decent, or will we will have it at the Christian Assembly church as the alternate location.

This means we will be in full dress for the reception, but not so much the wedding.  As the wedding will be a small party of family and friends, and the reception will be more of a photo opportunity.  (that and we only have to rent the Tux once)

Also, we would very much like it if anyone planning on coming to the reception to contact us.  You can use our wedding site and let us know who wants to come and how many you will be bringing.  Also please make sure we have your current address.  This is a dry run to get numbers.  We will ask again just before we send out the official invitations in April.

Please keep our wedding site bookmarked, and check it frequently for any changes.