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Best ManThe past several years I’ve had habits most unbecoming compared to most men apparently.  When I was in Virginia, I opted to come home every day to be with family rather than making guy friends and hanging out with them.  I don’t go to bars, so I haven’t made any new guy friends here either.  That, and the internet has certainly changed the way we make friends.  Be it gaming, Facebook, YouTube, etc…  Gaming friends are all I’ve made over the past decade.  In short, the only friends I have don’t live any where near me.  The only guy friends I have live out of the state or out of the country.  This has put me in an odd situation with my upcoming marriage to Darla.  I have no best man.

The best friend is usually tapped for such a task.  My best friend is my soon to be wife.  So that won’t work.  Outside of that, I have my four friends I talk to from when we all used to play online MMO games together.  My best male friend, Tyler lives in Illinois.  Try as I might, he’s been far too busy to even have a conversation with lately.  Outside of that, there’s Jeff in Kansas who has gone offline for the most part.  Paul and Nick live in England.  Don’t think they can hop a plane without a whole lot of money to cover not only their expenses but lost wages for being here.  This wedding is low budge to begin with.  So yeah.  I know they’ll all want to be here in spirit.

Truth be told, I’d love to have my wedding there, but that’s only because I’ve been dying to go to England all my life.  Granted, that won’t happen.

I’m not about to rent a best man.  Thankfully I don’t need any groomsmen.  It’s not that big of an affair.

I’ve read on various websites that some guys opt to be their own best man.  Unless something changes, I may have to do the same.  Thankfully I’ve got 8 months yet before panic mode.


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