Dear Firefox

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Leaving Firefox for ChromeWe’ve been together a very long time.  Since version 2 of you.  It’s been a long time coming but I just can’t take all this fighting anymore.  I’m leaving you for Google Chrome.

It’s not how you look, that’s what kept me with you for so very long.  No matter how much you changed, and holy crap do you change, frequently…  I could keep you looking like the day we met.  You are so wonderful at customization.  You can fit anyone’s mood.    But…  As things go, looks aren’t everything.  Goodness knows I’ll miss my full window title bar.  Every other browser has written them off, but I spend so much time finding hidden treasures and even placing some in my own website titles.  Now I’m supposed to stuff all of that in the width of a tiny ass tab.

This past year you’ve been stubborn, unwilling to work with flawed websites and your add-ons have been so poorly written or abandoned, that at times you were simply unusable.  It seemed like with every new change you made, it would break half a dozen add-ons.  Even after I cleaned the whole existence of you, removed every add-on and returned you fresh, you continue to fight me.  I just can’t take it anymore.  Open Source or not, I’m simply over you.

While Google has some habits I don’t care for.  Yet I’d rather live with that then to constantly fight and bicker with you.  Sure, Chrome’s font rendering isn’t always as pleasant as yours, or other browsers for that matter, it does spend less time working out CSS.  Don’t get me wrong, it took a lot of effort for Chrome to be usable to me.  I still scowl at it’s layout and lack of a full title bar.  To make the bookmarks work for me in a manner that makes me fairly comfortable.  I don’t completely trust the company that Chrome works for.  I think sometimes they are spying on me.  But I’ve nothing to hide so I have nothing to fear.

Chrome does frustrate me with it’s caching.  Many websites have on-load dynamic content.  Chrome won’t make use of that unless you install an extension that turns caching off or unless you use CTRL+F5, visitors don’t get to see it.  They miss out on so many cool things because some company decided speed was more important.  Google angers me with their “we know what’s good for you” attitude.  Thankfully their community of extensions allows me to have things my way.  It’s a shame not all their users will get the full experience as they don’t know what an extension is, let alone how to install it.  Still…  Chrome doesn’t give me grief over SSL certificates like you did.  It gives me a choice.  Sometimes you refuse me any choice, Firefox.  Chrome doesn’t ruin ajax script the way you sometimes do.

This whole experience isn’t really about what I love to use anymore.  Like email programs, it’s a choice of the lesser evil.  Right now I don’t love any browser anymore, just choosing the one that isn’t pissing me off as much.  I’ll still use you when I’m designing a website for cross browser compatibility.  But for now, my choice of browser for every day use is Chrome.  Honestly I tried, but I can’t fight it anymore Firefox.




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