Remember When?

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Remember WhenWhen the world had a sense of humor?  I remember a day when you could tell a story or joke and people who may have been offended would let it roll off their shoulder in the spirit of a laugh?  Now it’s all screaming and crying about how you hurt their feelings.  Everyone is so damned sensitive these days.  To the point it’s sickening.  You have to watch every single thing you say.  Especially because someone will whip their smarter-than-themselves-phone, video record it and post it online before you even reach the end of your story or joke.  Sometimes I wonder if you’ll be viral or on the 11 O’clock news before you even start telling it.

It’s like you have to constantly watch everything you say any where you go.  There could be ears and a smartphone waiting for you at any time in any place.  I hate having to be so guarded when talking with a friend, relative or loved one when I’m in public.  As it is, I see people stop and sneer at my t-shirt or take pictures of my bumper sticker.  (Sometimes they aren’t smiling and laughing at it.)  They genuinely get offended by it.  Though it is funny how many people stop me and ask what my shirt says.  That always makes me giggle.  Seriously the definition is right under the phonetic spelling for fuck sakes.  Remember when your third grade teacher chanted, “Sound it out.”.

There’s a reason I sell those.  I’m sorry if you’re not smart enough to own one.

When it was safe?  When you could go see the latest Batman movie, or any movie for that matter and not wonder if some nut cake would come in and kill you at random?  When you sent your children to school and felt fairly safe they were in good hands?  Now you have to worry if a shooter, rapist or another student was about to go bat-shit crazy.  In a world where being social is now the standard, you worry that your children are in a war zone.  You want to home school them just so you know your child won’t find a dead body or become one.  It’s ridiculous.

When fast food was fast?  I’ve talked about this before.  It used to be we didn’t mind having warm food because in a younger day, fast food restaurants actually had food made up before the breakfast, lunch or dinner rush and it was go, go, go when they hit.  I remember working at Hardee’s in Petoskey and we had a goal of 45 seconds from the time the order finished to the time they left the drive thru window with their food.  Fast food.  That’s why we went there.  It was fast.

Now you’re luck if you get it any faster than you would if you went to a sit down restaurant.  More or less you are just creating more paper waste than saving time.  Not too mention with the vastly expanded menu’s they now offer.  You’re lucky if they even get it right.  Too many choices for it to be fast.   Too many things to go wrong to get it the way you ordered it.

Pizza places set goals to have your food to your door in around 30 minutes.  That’s when you finish your order on the phone, it was made in 1 – 2 minutes, cooked for 8 and bagged and delivered in the next 20 after that.  It was a short 3 mile range from the store to be able to provide that kind of service.  Now pizza places go 5 – 7 miles out in each direction and you’re lucky to get it within an hour on busy nights.  I should know.  Because it never fails that after 10pm, customer A lives on the outer ring in one direction and customer B ordered at the same time on the other side of the delivery area.  That’s 7 miles out, 14 miles across to the other customer.  That’s a lot of miles.  Then the driver has to drive 7 to get back to pick up the other 3 orders that are waiting on the counter.  With heavy traffic, that’s some cold ass pizza.

Maybe we should stop calling it fast food and call it you don’t have to cook or do dishes food.  Or, “It’s cheaper than hiring a butler.”.

When folks took pride in their work?  This one really bugs me.  I used to scream buy American.  Now I’m not so sure about that anymore.  As an example, I’ve had better luck with foreign cars over the years.  I love my new Chrysler but I’m sure a good chunk of it is from out of the country.  That, and I’ve only had it over a week.  Not enough time for it to piss me off yet.

When it comes to pride in your work, I’ve had my time over the years working with so many others who are just at their job for the check.  They take no pride at all in their work.  So of course they do shoddy work at best.  I’ve also worked with others who put me to shame at what I do.  I look up to them.  Mostly.  Sure there are days when I just want to say, “Fuck it.”.  But not very many.

I can go out today and probably count 5 – 10 people who hate their job and could care less about their customers.  Texting at the register.  Completely ignoring the customer and not so much as greet them.  Or do it so empty it’s like they just say things out of habit.  Some will outright tell you they don’t like their job and don’t want to be there.  Or over hear their conversations that are not contextually appropriate for customer ears.

Then there’s the products you buy and they break immediately or have problems from poor workmanship when they were made.  How the items made it to sale in the first place is questionable at times.

It just seems like I’ve become my parents.  They too once said things aren’t like they used to be.  People don’t take pride in their work.  The world isn’t very safe.  Though I wonder if it’s worse now than it was when they said it.  I have to believe it is.