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2007 Chrysler SebringSo I’ve had a real rough week.  My old 95 Chevy Lumina was hiding secrets from me.  Compounded by some incompetence by the local repair shop I was using.

On the 25th and 26th of July, I was visiting Darla.  I had her drive the car around town as I’m still learning my way around Bay City.  She let me know the brakes seemed squishy.  Sure enough they were.  We put some brake fluid in and it helped greatly.  So when I got home I had kept an eye on the fluid levels.  It’s a 20 year old car, so of course it will need some care and attention, and I had been meaning to get the brakes inspected anyway.  So I took it into Independence Tire where I had some work done previously.  They were good to me then.  Or so I thought.

When I asked to have my brakes inspected, I expected they would inspect the entire brake system.  This means the lines, the calipers, the pads, the rotors, the drums, the shoes and the various fittings and hardware that are associated with it.  I mean their slogan on their radio ads is, “We don’t just do it, we do it right.”.  I’m no mechanic, but I have learned several things about cars in my 46 years on this planet.

They ended up telling me I had two lines with a leak and another one ready to pop.  But, they also found a bad rear wheel bearing, a severely worn CV Axle and both my rear struts were dry.  Going for the immediate issues, I said to have the lines done and the wheel bearing replaced.  I’ll get to the other stuff as soon as I could, but I could only afford the stuff I authorized.

Why do people always assume that you’re dumb?  Because when they called me later on saying, “We’ve got some real bad news for you.”.  I asked, “What?”.  They proceeded to tell me that, “When we took the wheels off, we found more problems.”.  Wait… When they took the wheels off to do the work?  They would’ve had to take the wheels off to inspect half of the things I listed in order to do it properly.  Meaning they didn’t take them off when I asked them to inspect it.  So then they tried to sink me for $1500 total and that’s not including the CV Axle and rear struts.  I told them to put the car back together and park it.  I’m done with them and I’m with the Lumina.  I was so pissed.  Because now the car has no brakes at all.  They took them apart before giving me the full story.  I made sure they didn’t charge me for their bullshit, half-assed work.  Of course they gave me some legal crap warning that it wasn’t fit to drive and I’d need it towed away.  I live next door.  Tow truck my ass.  I drove it to the field out front of the neighborhood I live in.  I’ll have A&L pick it up for scrap.  Sucks that there is a full tank of gas and four nearly new tires on it.

This made me car-less and nearly jobless at my night time gig doing delivery.  So I called up my boss at my night job and explained the situation.  Plus the fact I have not enough to buy a car with cash again and my credit has been hosed by previous relationships.  He gave me some advice and while I was hesitant to do it, I want to work and I want to see Darla.  So I took a deep breath and did what he suggested.  I now own a 2007 Chrysler Sebring.  I no sooner got the paperwork signed and I had to rush off to work.  Thank you Bob for covering my Saturday day shift.  It was two hours, but still I appreciate it.

I wanted to take some decent pictures of it after I washed and waxed it.  But mother nature decided to be a bitch and storm all day yesterday.  So here’s the crap pictures I took quickly before starting work.

Now I just need to work more hours to pay for this thing.


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