Missed Conveniences

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Bread Bowl and SmoothieThere are still things I miss from living in the big city.  For one, all the shopping options.  I spend hours now scouring the internet on Amazon and the like to find clothes, tech gear, instruments and accessories, as well as gifts.  Then I must wait for them to arrive.  Or have them shipped direct to my loved ones and friends.  It’s not nearly as handy as it is to browse different stores and be inspired by something found on a shelf or being able to try something on before buying it.  You don’t get that online.  Though the upside is not having to deal with drooling zombie monkeys and gum chewing clerks who text and think you’re not noticing.

What I miss lately though, is the convenience of finding things like good food.  Food I used to indulge and can’t, because the places that serve it don’t have the stores here in Podunk Nowhere.  Yes, I am now the master of the Banana Smoothie.  Since no place on earth it seems can resist mixing another flavor with Banana’s.  It’s like forbidden to offer just Banana.  It has to be Banana Mango, or Banana Strawberry, or Banana Buttberry.  That got frustrating as all hell.  But right now the smoothie maker (now replaced as I used it to death), is in storage like 70% of my belongings.  Though at least in the coming months, Darla and I will get a place together and I can finally breathe.  (and use all my stuff again)

I miss Panera Bread.  Loved going to get a bread bowl with cheese and broccoli soup.  I miss Tropical Smoothie Cafe too.  Sure bananas kick ass, but sometimes you want a larger selection and they have it.  I swear if I had the startup capitol, I’d open a smoothie cafe of my own in Gaylord.  I’d use my method of making fruit smoothies without ice.  It’d be damn tasty!

I know I’d make a killing if I could get a coffee hut setup selling Starbucks products on the inside corner of North Lake Street and Water Street in East Jordan.  All that traffic between EJ and Charlevoix.

Though I’m still on the hunt for a genuine Boston Cream Pie.  All I can find is cheap knockoffs.

I miss Dino’s badly.  B.C. Pizza has a good Italian Sub (Super Sub), but it’s just not a Dino’s Special.  I’ve got the Turkey Ala Karen down enough I don’t miss Florimonte’s much now.  Which from what I understand is closed now.  So can’t miss it.

Still I can always go to Tim’s for great food.  Even if they don’t want my free mobile friendly rewrite of their website.  Their site is mobile now but only mobile, on a desktop it still looks like ass.  Which is still misspelled on their Facebook page after I told them months ago.  I’m telling ya, they need a new web master.  Hint hint hint.  (Did I mention I offered it to them free?)