The Engagement

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Engagement RingAs many of you know from our Facebook post, I recently got engaged to my first love, Darla Bailey.  We met in high school some 30 years ago.  Since then we have each been through our lives only as fond memories of once was.  As you may have read before, we’ve been talking for a couple of years now and have reunited a few months back.

Of course since our announcement, the questions have been coming as to the who, what, where and when of our upcoming marriage.  We have not worked out all the details as of yet, but we wanted to share with you all what we have so far.

The wedding itself will likely be a small affair.  We aren’t looking to start out broke.  A simple ceremony either through a pastor or justice of the peace.  We have determined to have the wedding in Bay City.  While it’s not convenient for everyone, it will work out best for the majority.  Our apologies to those who will have to travel a little to attend.  We will announce the date when we have one so that anyone who wants to come can make sure they let us know and we can send out invitations to the interested parties.

As for the reception, we’ve decided on doing it pot luck style.  This way no one is spending a lot of money for catering and everyone can enjoy some food and company.  We will setup a list of who is coming and what they intend to bring so that we don’t have 5 people bringing the same dish to pass.

We aren’t asking for gifts, but if you choose to do so, we are updating our list and will likely make an Amazon Wishlist and perhaps on a few other places if need be.  Again we will keep everyone informed through good old CastleRain and links on Facebook.

We’d like to thank you all for your kind comments and wishes about our engagement 🙂  It’s been a long time coming and we are more than excited!


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