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Local ShopAs much as I would love to support our local stores.  It’s becoming quite impossible to do any more.  More and more places no longer carry what I’m looking for.  This forces me to shop online or go way the hell out of town to larger cities to get what I need.

I know living in small town USA is a huge part of the problem.  Though I cannot believe for one second that I’m the only person shopping for clothing or shoes in my size, computer parts and health care supplies.

Walmart 500I know this to be true as when I go to Walmart.  Just about every electric cart is in use and many of them by people much larger than myself.  So they must live somewhat nearby.  Yet there isn’t a store in Gaylord, Petoskey, East Jordan or Charlevoix that carries clothing that fits me.  Let alone for those who feel they require motorized shopping.  I might get lucky and find pants or shorts on occasion, though I suspect they get scooped up as quickly as they get in stock.  Amazon is now my place to go for shorts, socks and undergarments.  Hanes, Dumasaphobia, Whovians and here I get my shirts.  Thankfully my exercise regimen is pushing me to smaller sizes.  So hopefully clothes shopping won’t be an issue much longer.

Need a computer part?  Pft… forget buying it anywhere in Northern Michigan.  If you do happen to find what you are looking for, you’ll pay $50 to $200 more than what you would online at Amazon or Newegg.  I’ve decided for my birthday this year, I bought myself an Amazon Prime membership for the fast shipping.  Plus it adds to my online video watching library at the same time.  I still say paying to watch commercials is a dumbass idea.

A few days ago I needed a brace for my knee.  I have one somewhere.  But living conditions require anything not immediately needed to be boxed up in my closet.  So rather than tearing apart my room and spending hours trying to find it.  I figured it would be easier to find a new one.  Besides, mine is pushing like 10 years old.  Can I find what I need locally?  Two Walmarts, two Walgreens, a VitalCare and several sporting good stores later.  Hell no.  Again, must turn to Amazon.

Want a simple sneaker?  Don’t look here.  We have running shoes, boots, hiking foot ware, fishing, hunting and more for your feet.  Sneakers?  Only if you want some off brand crap shoe you will have to replace in 2 months.  Plus you’ll end up with blisters and aching feet from the poor quality.  For some, $10 cheapo shoes from Wally World or PayLess CrapSource will work.  But for us with arch needs and do a ton of walking.  A good quality, brand name shoe is paramount.  But if you want a pair of Vans.  Best fill up your tank and point yourself to Bay City.  Though I suspect Traverse City may have them too.  Seems only the big towns have a good assortment of shoes to choose from.  Even if you do get lucky to find a good quality shoe here…

Oh you wear a size 14?  I’m sorry, we don’t carry those sizes in anything decent enough to be called a shoe.

So if you want to stay in business local shops, I suggest selling something that I want to buy at a competitive price.  Otherwise that Prime membership will pay for itself in the long run by saving me money, time and frustration.


2 thoughts on “Shop Local

  1. Bob

    I actually, sometimes, have trouble finding shoes in Williamsburg (one of the shopping Meccas of Virginia). All the chain stores only carry a very specific selection.

    One of my roommates swears by Zappos for shoes.

    I enjoyed Amazon Prime, while I had it. I still buy as many things locally as I can, but when I need something online, the fast and free shipping was nice. Their Prime video library was solid, but since the roommates have Netflix and Hulu Plus, I couldn’t justify continuing it.

  2. Denver Fowler Post author

    Being out here in the sticks, I generally order from Amazon 2 – 3 times a month. More when there are a cluster of Birthdays. At least that’s been the norm for the past 2 years. I don’t like ordering clothing on the internet so much. Tends to be hit and miss.

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