Do you work here?

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EmployeeI must have one of those faces.  The one that says I’ve made employee of the month many times.  Either that or I carry a look of, “May I help you?”.  Let me explain.

So yesterday I was at one of the self service car washes.  I was on my way to the change machine when a gentleman kept looking at me.  He approached me and asked, “Do you work here?”.  I politely said, “Sorry, no.”.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me.  I got to thinking about it and I’ve probably been asked that question hundreds of times over the years.  Generally in places I frequent.  Such as Best Buy, Food Lion, Walmart, K-Mart, Roses, Big Lots, Auto Parts Plus and many more.

Now the local car wash.  I find that I generally do try to help in most cases.  If I’m at a tech store, I offer up advice and answers.  When I’m at the grocery store or department store, I offer to hold open, get from the top shelf and sometimes carry out to the car.  I don’t work at these places, but I’ve offered up some free labor and help.

Dumasaphobia ShirtThe only reason I find it odd is that I don’t have a name tag on that would identify me as an employee.  Nor do I wear any kind of uniform that would match the employees working at these places.  I generally wear t-shirts and jeans or shorts.  Sure I wear a lot of blue or black shirts.  Even so, many have designs on them like swords, shields, dragons, TARDIS designs, my own design or something geek flavored.

I don’t get offended or even mind when folks ask me this.  I just sometimes chuckle to myself and wonder how they even got the impression that I work at these various places.  Though it does feel sort of good that they decided to seek my help and even better when I can help.

Although I think Best Buy owes me some vacation days for the time I’ve donated to their customers 😉