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Darla and DenverThirty years ago, I dated a girl named Darla.  She was my first serious relationship and my first love.  Though through what I will refer to as “teenage stupidity”, I broke up with her.  I guess I didn’t really know what I wanted in a girl back then.   It turns out I wasn’t always an Evil Genius.  I matured into one.

Being that Darla had been a big influence in my life, I never stopped thinking about her or the moments we shared.  Even after I moved on from Gaylord, had children and many adventures over the years in and out of Michigan.  I would from time to time find myself thinking about her or bringing her up in conversation, as she did have a profound effect on specific events in my life.

When I came back to Gaylord in 2013, we reconnected through Facebook.  (September 23, 2013)  At first it was just a few small conversations.  As it went on, I found myself thinking of her more and more.  Recollecting that she was a very kind person who cared deeply for me at one time.  It got me thinking.  Everything I ever wanted in a person to share my life with was always there.  I just didn’t realize it.

I started messaging her about holidays and her birthday.  We would talk and learn about what had been going on in each others lives over the years.  The more we talked the more excited I became in wanting to take a chance.

Two months ago, we became an official couple again.  It’s been a completely amazing experience.  I feel things I’ve never felt before.  Making me realize that I have found what I’ve been searching for for so many years.  It was in front of me 30 some years ago.  I’m now taking the chance and enjoying life intensely.

Since my last marriage I’ve adopted the motto, “never again”.  I was never going to get married again.  It’s too much pain and time wasted on a relationship that will likely never last.  Marriage and love are two different things these days.  And in a way it is.  People tend to get married to someone who isn’t willing to even see the vows for what they were meant to be for.  Things don’t go their way and suddenly the vows mean nothing.  They cheat, lie and walk away hurting the one they said they’d be with until “death do us part”.

I truly believe that my views have been changed for the better.  I do believe that I’ve found the one who will love, honor and cherish me, just as I would her, until death do us part.  Someone who won’t give up just because of health or money issues.  I finally feel loved like never before.  And that I can freely love her in return the way she loves me.


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