Workplace Drama

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Denver PizzaSomething I haven’t had to deal with in over a decade.  Working in a small company with great people.  No one ever really complained about each other and we all do our part.  Sure there’s the discussions about the customers and the drama they cause, but there has been virtually none amongst ourselves.  It has been awesome.  I’ve gone to work in a decent to good mood and generally left the same way.  I didn’t feel like the workplace was dragging me down.  Sure, customers could put me in a bad mood sometimes, but not the co-workers.

Returning to the world as a Food Transportation Specialist (you like that title don’t you), it hasn’t been quite as nice.  I had forgotten how folks can be easily drawn into other peoples problems and somehow make it part of their own lives.  What’s worse is I find myself doing it too.  It’s like some sort of disease.  I try not to be sucked in, but sometimes it’s like you just want to be included in it somehow.  I must find a way to maintain my distance from that nonsense.  It really can wear a person down quickly in their emotional levels.

That and of course my health seems to be an issue for some of my new co-workers.  Every job I’ve applied for in the past 6-8 months, I’ve been upfront with my heart condition.  This place was the first to take a chance on me.  I make fairly good money.  Sometimes I make more delivering food than I do fixing computers.  I try not to work too late so I can get decent sleep for my day job.  Which I also explained takes precedence over the night job.  This and I also admitted I won’t be the fastest moving person, but I will do adequate or better work as long as I feel good.  The big boss man was cool with that.  We also agreed, that on occasion I would end up working really late if we were busy.  Not a problem.

Up until a couple of nights ago, I’ve had no issues with any of my symptoms cropping up.  Sadly the past two nights I’ve been hurting.  I didn’t ask to go home, I didn’t make much complaint other than to make it known so they would be aware that I may perform less than good.  Unfortunately for a Sunday night, it was like a Friday during football season.  We didn’t have enough people to handle the business and we did the best we could.  Deliveries weren’t an issue.  The dishes however, had piled up quickly.  I was assigned to do them.  I did so diligently but I wasn’t feeling good so I set a pace and worked at them steadily.  Once we had closed for the night, I was still working cleaning up the dishes.  The night manager was suddenly in my face about having to hurry and smile.  I politely reminded her I hurt.  She kept at me with hurrying.  I was a bit annoyed at her because she just didn’t seem to respect the issue.

Last night I had a bit of Angina.  It wasn’t bad, but I ended up relenting to taking a Nitro tab.  Which of course is instant headache.  Thankfully that put me straight after a few minutes.  That and I was able to get out at a decent time and get a good nights sleep finally.  So now I feel pretty good.  I’m so thankful that I don’t have things like this happen often.  Still…  Could do with out the workplace drama.