Looking Brighter

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Happy SunThings seem to be looking up for a change.  This makes me a happy panda as Bethany would say.  Working two jobs keeps me busy and active.  Sometimes more than I’d like, but better than the alternative of sitting indoors playing video games all freaking day.  Sometimes I could use more hours at the second job.  Think I’ll ask for another day to my schedule.

Scale says I’ve already lost the five pounds I gained over the winter.  So that also is good news.  Still need to drop several more.  If things keep up, that shouldn’t be a problem.  That is if mother nature can figure out what side of menopause she’s on.  I want to wear shorts every day, but she keeps me in jeans and a jacket at least 3 times a week.  The bitch.

Made some new friends over the past year or so.  Finally starting to have a bit of a social life.  A real one, not this Facecrack nonsense.  Plus I’ve finally found a girl to date steadily.  Things are going rather well.  Though she won’t let me say who she is yet.

Now all I need to do if move the hell out of the place I’m staying and get back to being in my own place again.  I really miss seeing my boys and their wives, but they don’t like coming to the place I’m at now.  I could see them at church, but that’s basically just me watching them.  No real interactions as they have family time after church.  I’d rather see them one on one.  That and none of them has had any gigs outside of church lately either.  Sadly aren’t part of Big Ticket Country this year 😐

So that’s my goal this year.  Get my own place, hang out with my kids, move forward with my relationship, keep improving my skills on the drums, hang out with my friends rather than sit at home and lose more weight.