Bits n Bobs

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Bits n BobsWhile I’m not at liberty to give many details.  Let me just say I had a fantastic weekend.  The only way it could’ve been better is if I had taken my company to see my kids do a performance at church 🙂

All in all, things look very promising.  I look forward to many more great times.

Other than that, it’s pretty much back to work for the week.  Though just some helpful hints to customers out there.

  1. When ordering food from a delivery place, please make sure you are going to be home when the driver arrives.  Don’t decide at the last minute to take the kids for ice cream and leave the driver knocking at your door.  That’s just rude.  Also, don’t get into a five hour raid in World of Warcraft or whatever game you play and make the driver wait while you “down this boss”.
  2. When deciding to pay with a credit card.  It helps to have the card before calling!  Not having to run down to your car to get it, or having to dig through your wallet or purse while driving.  Have it ready when you call and don’t do it while driving!  Holy monkey shit people are dumb!  This sort of thing happens at both my jobs.  Also, don’t put it away until we get the expiration date.
  3. Just because there’s this big plastic sign on my car, doesn’t mean you have to give me priority at the four way stop.  I can wait my turn and it helps keep other drivers from getting confused when they are also waiting.  I appreciate the gesture though.  It’s just many people have problems enough operating heavy machinery such as a car or truck.  We don’t need to add to their issues.

This is a song I’m currently working on with my drums.  At least when I can.  Working two jobs makes it hard to find time.  I don’t play unless I’m home alone out of courtesy.  Need to find a new place to live that will allow me better time.  Plus I could really use some nice, breathable sneakers.  The fancy leather shoes have my feet in blisters.  Need to take a trip to Traverse City and see what shoe/clothing shops I can find.

Allen isn’t a fan of Travis Barker, so I haven’t been able to get many tips from him 😉  Me, I just like the sound and the song.