Dough, Bleach and Shame

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Dough, Bleach & Shame CologneA new fragrance for him or her from Den’váir of CastleRain.  Dough, Bleach & Shame.  It combines the smell of a minimum wage pizza job with the essence of having done dishes for an hour and gives you the feeling of the sum of your life is less than what you dreamed.

I’m being fairly silly about this.  The idea just came to mind the last night I worked, that I have been coming home smelling of raw pizza dough and bleach.  Also, it is somewhat depressing that this is where my life ended up.  I know I said I’d give it a go.  I just can’t help but feel like its somehow makes me a lesser person over all.  That edging feeling of shame for doing it.

It’s not all bad.  When you actually break it all down.  Wages, plus mileage, plus tips, equals on average $14 per hour.  That’s not actually bad income for this neck of the woods.  It’s actually more per hour than I’ve made in years.  I’ve never dreamed of being rich and I don’t want to be.  Never have and never will.   As long as the bills are paid and I can have some fun every so often.  I’m perfectly content.

As I’ve said though, I enjoy being a geek.  I like solving problems and helping folks with their gadgets and computers.  I think my resume is fairly impressive.

I haven’t given up looking for a tech job.  Just every one here has a Mom and Pop computer business.  (and it seems there are a boat load of them)  I don’t have the start-up capitol.  I will still do computer repair and consulting on the side.  I still like to design websites.

The pizza job though works out well for me mostly with my physical limitations.  It’s not standing in one spot for long periods of time.  I’m not repeatedly lifting heavy things.  I get exercise by walking and using stairs.  I get to use my brain by figuring out the addressing system (relying less on GPS) and counting change in my head.  The money is pretty good.  I dress comfortably.  I’ve always hated suits, slacks, button up shirts and uniforms.

Upsides?  The money will be better once I move closer to my new job.  Because right now about $12 to $20 a night goes into my gas tank for driving from Gaylord to Petoskey and back.  Not to mention, the appeal of a fairly good hospital there.  If I end up in Otsego Memorial for anything major, I may as well just call the crematorium now and reserve a shoebox for my ashes.  Plus the drive between EJ and Petoskey is so much nicer than the roads between EJ and Gayrock.

Downsides?  It’s hard on my car.  It’s not exactly prestigious.  That whole, “Oh, you’re a pizza delivery driver?  I think I have to wash my hair for the next century or so.” issue.


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