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Pizza DeliveryAs I say goodbye to what is likely my last free weekend.  I brace myself for the coming changes.  I’m struggling with the eventuality of having to let go of a job I really like.  Though it’s not by my choice really.  It’s not my fault the company I work for doesn’t advertise at all.  I’ll hang on as long as I can, but the time has come to take on a new job in the evenings.  It’s not like I haven’t done Pizza Delivery before.  I have done it frequently for quick or fill in cash flow many times.  It’s an easy job and if you get the right location, the tips can be more than the take home pay sometimes.  Especially during the major holidays.

However, this time it isn’t just a fill in job.  I’m going to try to move up the ranks and stick it out.  I’ve tried for months on end to find a job in my field of computers and technology around here.  The closest I came was a job doing tech support for fluid monitoring systems and software.  For like tanks and wells in fields.  That alone sounded mind numbingly boring.  I want hard drives, video cards, memory, motherboards, CPU’s, GPU’s, smartphones and tablets.  Not some goofy thing that measures the flow of liquid.  Yippee Flippin’ Skippy.  Plus, they have this weird on duty thing where one week a month, you’re on call.  You work your normal hours, then go home and wait by the phone for someone to call.  Even if it’s at 3 a.m.  I don’t want to take a call from some dude in Alaska whining about he can’t see his readings from his oil well.  At that hour, I had better be sleeping.

Don’t get me wrong, if a tech job that’s more my type comes up, I’ll certainly try for it.  I may have not made a lot of money where I am now.  But I’ve had a blast and the people I work with are awesome.  They have always treated me well.  Once I got rid of the “issue”, the pay was just fine.  Well…  (When I say “well” like that, why does it always sound like David Tennant’s Doctor Who voice in my head?)  Until the hours got cut.

I’ve done the pizza game before.  Though I was 25 years younger.  The new boss seems patient with my health issues and is willing to give me a go.  Now all I have to do is dust off my skills and show them off.

Sadly, the place I work for, is out of town.  Way out of town.  Hence the area code on the car top sign.  But, it’s in a town I lived in for a year and a half prior to my shipping off to the Navy.  I loved that town.  Walking downtown during sunset was always a good thing.  Riding my bike down the path that goes from one end of town to the other.  So hope to find a place to live that’s closer.  Especially since all I need for my day job is a good internet connection.  The one I’ve been using here has been absolutely smashing.  Sadly they don’t have a call center near here or I’d go for a job with them.


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