TeamSpeak Move

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TeamSpeak MoveJust wanted to let everyone who uses or has used the CastleRain TeamSpeak server (formerly Ventrilo)…  That it has moved to a new home.  Please contact me for info on how to connect to the new TS server.  As I’ve seen very few people on, it’s also been reduced to a 10 slot server.  If we need more we can upgrade it.  We’ll play it out first to see if there is a need.

To my gamer friends, friends and family I have.  If you want to get a hold of me or just want to talk for a while (which is always welcome).  Or if you simply don’t want to use TeamSpeak, you can contact me in a number of ways:

If you don’t have my number, email or what have you that isn’t linked above.  Simply contact me and I’ll provide it 🙂