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1970 ChevelleI love muscle cars.  Never owned one.  Unless you count that 78 Olds Cutlas I once had.  More of a clunker than a mean street machine.  Still, I want my 70 Chevelle.  I love medieval stuff.  Castles, swords, horses and the seemingly tranquil life it could offer.  But I also love my computers, tech toys, video games and more.  I sometimes wonder how can I like so many things that have little to nothing to do with one another?  Damn I’m weird.  Not like any of you didn’t already know that.  I guess we all have a variety of tastes and likes.  Just seems I choose everything opposite of each other.

So right off, I want to pimp my skills for repairing and building computers and web site designs.  Need to make a little scratch to pay for my car getting fixed.  The downfalls of buying used.  Certified Pre-owned merely means I have proof someone before me beat the snot out of my car before I got it.  Sure for a 20 year old car it has unusually low mileage.  Engine starts and runs like a much newer car.  So I like that.  But the bearings, struts and such tell a different story.  That and the amount of rust and dirt I’ve taken off the car suggests it was previously at home down a really crappy dirt road.  My car needs work to the tune of about $850.  This means I’ll work extra cheap if it gets me some business 😉

My Moto GI’m starting to warm up to my new Android Phone.  Took me a while.  Still has quirks I’m annoyed with and there are things my Windows Phone can do so much better.  It seems that eventually I will get the Lollipop Android update.  Even though it has nearly identical hardware to my Windows Phone, it has better battery life and once I whittled down the bloatware (either by removing it or disabling it – still annoyed I can’t remove many things)…  I have it to where I want it.

It is nice having apps that are made right and work like they are supposed too.  That was one huge drawback to Windows Phone.  So many apps were made by other folks to make up for apps that should be available but aren’t.  Seems they may struggle with that for another few years before either Microsoft throws in the towel or businesses realize it’s a sweet phone.

Having a quad-core processor, good memory and memory management as well as generous storage space, makes a huge difference.  My previous Android phones had next to nothing and they wanted way too much for them.  Music would skip.  Phone would lock up in the middle of a call.  It was a nightmare.  Which is why I was so hesitant to try Android again.

TARDISI did have to change my live wallpaper from the TARDIS though.  Was accidentally setting it off when trying to open apps.  Don’t need anyone running up to me thinking I’m the Doctor.  As they would probably look at me and ask, “What the hell happened to you?”.  Would be embarrassing and depressing.  Although I would gladly trade in my car for a time-traveling blue box any day!

Now if I could only also have David Tennant‘s looks and talents.

Anyway, my experience with my Moto G has been overall, so far so good 🙂

Other than that life is pretty much as it has been.  I’m still heavily considering a career change.  But it’s so hard when you have good things you’d be giving up.  I like what I do and I like who I work for.  To just walk away from that and head into the unknown is frightening.  So I’m still going through the newspapers, craigslist and online job sites trying to find something more.. me.  Rather than jumping to the first paycheck offered to me.  Some folks like to jump into the unknown and embrace the adventure.  I’ve had just about all the adventures I can stand for one lifetime.  Possibly two lifetimes.  Most ending in disappointment.  I think it’s high time I found my happy ending.  Screw what everyone else thinks I should do.

Oh yeah… I did title this post with the word swords.  So…



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