Time for a career change?

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Career ChangeI’m beginning to seriously consider changing my career path.  Going back to before I rediscovered computers in 1994.  Prior to that time, I spent a good deal of time working in the fast food field of Pizza.  Starting at Little Caesars, then Domino’s where I went from a driver to manager in a short time.  I’ve also worked at Pizza Hut and a few others over the years as part time fill-in jobs.  But I never stayed with one place for long.  The thing is, it’s something I know and I don’t totally despise.

I’ve spent the past 5 months searching for a new job.  The one I have now is merely hanging by a thread and can end at any time.  But since I’ve moved back to Northern Michigan I’ve found that tech support jobs are few and far between.  I can either freeze my nuts off and do installs for Charter or Frontier, or I can do support for tank and well monitoring software.  The latter sounds mind numbingly boring and completely uninteresting, while the former is simply out of the question for me.  And I’ve dealt with Charter installers.  Nice fellas, but not as smart as they should be.  I never did thank them for wrecking my home network because they said it would never work with Charter.  Funny, I put it back and it works fine for me.  Dill-holes.

Yesterday I interviewed for a part time position at an office supply store nearly an hour drive away.  They offered a hair more than minimum wage and then explained how you basically need to lick their boots so you can get offered more than a handful of hours.  They apparently do the “lets hire 20 people and see you sucks up the best” method.  Can’t say I’m real revved up to lick boot for next to nothing and no benefits.

As it is, I’m just this side of handicapped now.  I get dizzy just bending over moving my own stuff around.  I can’t do long standing and I can’t do heavy lifting anymore.  Even though I’ve lost 60 pounds and have been unfortunately hovering at the same weight since I moved here.  Summer I lose some, winter it comes back as I stay inside.  I hate winter, I hate snow.  The place I’m living in I can’t get an exercise bike put up.  I don’t have the room for it.

I’ve had no luck even finding a clerical job of any sort.  Though perhaps employers like women for such jobs.  Sexist as that is.  I’m sure it’s an unspoken rule.

Up until now I’ve been avoiding fast food like the devil.  Same goes for retail jobs.  Though I did apply for and was turned down at the Dollar General as I have no register experience.  Are you fucking serious?  I make computers dance and sing.  I think I can handle an elaborate calculator with a credit card reader.  That’s fine though.  I really didn’t want to work there.  But seriously.  My “register” experience was with a locking wooden drawer.  You had to make change by using your brain to calculate.  I delivered for several years.  I can make change from a wad of ones and fives in my pocket.  Which is why I get annoyed when I see the young person at a fast food place struggle to make change.  Especially when they have a display telling them what to give me back.  It frustrates me that our education system now not only allows, but requires calculators in school.  My generation was not allowed.

Back to my issue.  I love what I do.  Sure the customers can be frustrating.  But I love a challenge.  I love to solve problems.  I love how I amaze people by doing things from memory.  I love computers, I love technology.  But all we have here is office supply stores, a Radio Shack or two and a hand full of small mom and pop computer shops.  None of which really need any help.  I don’t have the capital to open my own.

So now I’m considering going back to Pizza.  Where I started.  I’d make less than I do now for a while until I moved up the ranks.  I wouldn’t totally despise the job.  Though I’d need some work done on my car.  Turns out the front bearings are going out and replacing them will require new struts and springs.  About $850 in repairs.  Regardless of my choice, I need to get that done anyway.  Anyone know where I can get a loan?  Sadly chipping away at medical bills and past marriages have made getting credit difficult for me.

Anyone have an opinion?  Should keep plugging away for a tech job?  Or just change careers?


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  1. Tammy loree

    Hey do whatever makes you happy life is too short not to try and enjoy it. One of my best Jobs was 6 years managing at taco bell great benefits able to be home with kids and hubby nights and weekends. Good luck with whatever you do

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