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Evil MonkeyDoes anyone else get really annoyed at other people who simply think they know absolutely everything about you?  They think they know your every move, your every desire and every detail of the routines in your life?  I know it drives me bat-shit crazy.  Especially if I do anything they think is out of character.  They then take quick notice and proclaim that I don’t do or I’ve never done that.  God forbid I have any individuality and actually change something.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they simply noticed and accepted the change.  Instead they have to defend what they know to be true and even start to argue with you as if they absolutely have to be in the right.  Like somehow you have suddenly done something unforgivable.  This gets even more annoying and frustrating when they think you have said or did something in the past, or been some place before; and you have never.  They just about lose their composure in an attempt to say they could not be in the slightest wrong.

Let me give you some examples.

Someone wanted to make a Mexican Omelet.  I was in my room at the time.  I came out sometime later and they were upset as there wasn’t any Salsa in the house.  Suddenly I get, “You didn’t buy any salsa this week?  You always buy salsa.”.  I looked at them confused as I haven’t bought salsa in over a month.  Was I at this point supposed to apologize and be sorry I didn’t buy salsa?  Was I in charge of buying it and keep it in stock?  I generally only buy and eat my own food unless invited to share theirs or feel like sharing mine.  The exception being condiments.  I guess salsa is a condiment.  OK whatever.

A conversation started over a store in town.  I was asked if they carried some item.  I said, “I don’t know.  I’ve never been in there.”.  Suddenly I felt like I was being scolded for lying.  Not only have I been in there, but they took me there.  Now I had to think but just could not recall ever having been in that particular store in my entire life.  I was sure they had me confused with someone else.  This went on for several minutes, and I finally shut up as there was no winning.  A few months later, I did go in that store and sure enough, I had never been there prior.  Though it struck me funny that if they so vividly remember my being there with them, why didn’t they remember if the store carried the item they wanted?

I pointed out a movie to someone the other day.  I am Legend starring Will Smith.  I said, “It’s a good movie.”.  I was attacked with, “You hate Will Smith.”.  Dumbfounded about that statement.  I exclaimed that I liked watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  I’ve seen Independence Day, I Robot, Jersey Girl (he wasn’t the star but was in it), all the Men in Black films, Bad Boys I and II, Hancock, The Pursuit of Happiness, Wild Wild West and many more.  I think you can safely say I like Will Smith as an actor.  “You said he sucked and you hated Wild Wild West.”  Uh… I own Wild Wild West and enjoy watching it.  Again, another argument I was about to lose even though I was right.

These are just a few of the examples from over they years from different people.  Though I have to ask, what the fuck!?  How does anyone just assume they know everything about someone else?  Worse they defend what they know to be true rather than admit they might be wrong.

Sure I have my share of routines and habits.  Maybe more than some.  I do eat a lot of Turkey these days.  Low fat, low sodium food.  I do a good house cleaning on Tuesdays.  But doesn’t mean I never miss a Tuesday.  Maybe work was long and I did it on Wednesday.  In the summer I walk every day I can.  Providing I feel good and the weather cooperates.  But if I change my routine, it shouldn’t be the spark of an attack of my character.  It shouldn’t frustrate anyone for any reason.  I know if someone else does something out of the norm, I may take notice.  I may even say, “Huh, I didn’t know you were into that.”.  Still I would accept and make note in case I needed that info in the future.  I certainly wouldn’t give that person grief over my own misinformation.  So long as it’s not harmful to my own being.  Why should I really be concerned at all?  Just makes me wonder why so many others get upset over such things.


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