Android Again?

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Moto G AndroidSometimes I wonder about myself.  Despite not having found a replacement job yet, I’ve been able to keep the bills paid, eat, keep clothing on me and keep fairly warm.  Thank you Bob for the extra hours!  Though tax returns helped putting new rubber on my car and that has made a world of difference alone.  Was even able to stash some cash away in savings finally.  Seemed like forever I’d log into my bank and see $18 sitting all alone in my saving account since I spent it all on a car.  The car starts and drives great despite not being a looker.  Everything that needs to work, does 🙂

Then I go an do something completely compulsive.  Why, I don’t exactly know.  I’ve had my Windows Phone for a year now.  It has never once given me any problems.  It ran fast and smooth.  Yet it always felt like something was missing.  Even though it cured all the woes I had with my low cost Android phones.  I found a good deal on the Motorola Moto G Android phone, and bought it.  😯

I’ve had my new phone only a couple of days now, and I’m not sure going back to Android was the best idea.  Sure it has a lot of support from all the major businesses.  Something Windows Phone very much lacks still.  Like an official Starbucks app.  Sure that seems frivolous.  But when you hate carrying around plastic cards, being able to pay by phone is nice.  I also like to take payments with my phone.  Couldn’t do that with Windows Phone because PayPal barely supported it for just PayPal.  PayPal Here?  No way!  Android has that.

But…  And this is a big but.  Windows Phone never forced me to keep any bloatware.   I could uninstall it.  Free up the space and resources.  Android I can only disable some of it.  It still is there and taking up precious space.

Windows Phone never put a bunch of junk I don’t need on my SD card.  Android littered my SD card with folders and files.  It was so clean and organized with folders of Pictures, Videos, Music and Ringtones.  Now there are 30+ other folders of junk on it.  Thanks Android 😐

Love this one.  My Windows Phone started with Windows Phone 8, then got the upgrade to Windows 8.1 for free.  And Windows 10 preview which looked pretty sweet.  Though for stability, I put it back to 8.1.  My Moto G advertised it would get Android 5 (Lollipop).   The phone came with 4.4 KitKat.  Yeah… I find out that it’s pending on partner support.  As of yet, no update from AT&T 😐

As much as I hate Facebook, both platforms Facebook apps suck. But not being able to sort by most recent by default on Android makes the app on Windows Phone the winner.  And I seriously could do with out the goofy faces popped on my screen of my Android every time one of my Facebook bound friends messages me.  /facepalm

Lets talk integration.

  • Contacts – Windows Phone has a superior way of integrating all my contacts for Google, Outlook, Skype and Facebook (Twitter if I had it) into one nice and clean contact list.  Android makes a pathetic attempt at it and unless you are a Google disciple and worship Google Plus, your picture doesn’t get automatically added to your contact info.
  • Photo Gallery – Windows Phone integrates it into the social media and contacts.  Android has two photo galleries.  One for the phone, one for Google Plus.  Who needs that?  Who uses Google Plus?  Well I have one friend who does.  I bet he feels very alone on it.
  • Calendar – Windows Phone integrates your Google, Facebook and Outlook calendar info into one handy calendar and this gives you reminders of things coming up.  I don’t use Google Calender but I do have dates in my Google Contacts.  Birthdays and such.  Can’t find a way to pull Facebook into it.  Making the calendar app pretty much useless.

Things that run like the Energizer Bunny.  Yeah just about any smartphone has the issue of “If you open it, it will run forever.”.  When I had my first 5 Android phones I would use apps like Task Killer to kill the apps every few minutes so that I could keep my resources.  Though it was futile.  The phones resources would eventually run critical and I’d have to reboot the phone or they would just lock it up.  Low cost Android phones are generally crap with only 1 core processors and very low memory and storage.  Biggest reason I left Android in the first place.  When I jumped on the Windows Phone band wagon, there was always a way to close an app when you were finished, but even if you let it run, the phone never slowed down or gave me issues.  Plus I could set rules in the battery saver app to not allow apps to run in the background on Windows Phone.  So even left open, they wouldn’t run.  I see Android has a way to turn off apps, but it’s kind of dorky.  The menu button has been replaced with a recent apps button and you can swipe them closed.  I don’t see any way to keep apps from running or starting up on their own in any of the back end settings.

Windows Phone Cortana is a dream!  I can pretty much voice control everything.  It’s so simple and she understands almost everything I say.  Most of the time it’s background noise when she messes up a text message.  Car noises and music.  OK Google I am pretty sure is mentally handicapped.  Either that or I’m just too used to Cortana.  She treated me good.  Great… Now I have a guilty conscience over a phone app.  🙄

Though my new Moto G seems pretty stable with everything I have on it.  Has a 1.2GB Quad-Core processor.  Gigabyte of Ram and 8 Gigs of storage with my SD card adding 32GB more storage.  I’m still not thrilled with the non-removable bloatware issue.  Of course I could always root the phone and void the warranty.  Not real interested in doing that.  It was always a gamble rooting a phone.  Just never had to worry about that with my Windows Phone.  I’m not sure if getting app support was worth this.  But I must give it time.  The Moto G is not some sub $100 phone.  Though it’s twice as expensive as my Lumia 635 Windows Phone.  Which begs the question, since both have nearly identical hardware and specs (Compare Lumia 635 vs Moto G XT1045), why is the Android phone twice the price?

By the way, I have a spare Windows Phone Lumia 520.  It’s got a chip in the glass but works great if anyone wants it.  I’ll hang on to my Lumia 635 just in case I change my mind or drop kick (accidentally of course 😉 ) my Moto G.

I’ve re-added my list of apps for Android to my Freeware Page.  Though, the Windows Apps will remain 😉