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MMO The MovieRight now I need a high quality video camera, for summer to come and a whole bunch of people who are into Cosplay and MMO’s.  That’s not asking for much right?  Oh and an epic CGI studio to help out.  The past few days I got back on the thought pattern of my MMO Movie idea.  A live action, slapstick comedy set in a fantasy world where everything is just Like the Game.

Submerged in a world where anywhere you go, denizens found in towns and standing along the road have limited speech and specific objectives for you to achieve.  Epic battles with mythical creatures and enormous monsters.

Last time I wrote about this, I gave specific scenes that would be very comedic and show just some of the silly things that would happen if a typical game was made with real life characters.  Of course there are plenty more where that came from, but also you have the little things going on throughout the movie that would add to the hilarity.

Such as the useless NPC (what is known as a Non-Player Character).  This character’s sole purpose seems to be just to be a body in the crowd.  You can “talk” to them by touching, and he or she will respond with a standard set of responses.  If you do this repeatedly, the responses sound more annoyed.  So having an actor just stand or pace and someone comes up to them and starts touching them repeatedly.  This could be a background piece as the main characters are passing by and the camera briefly focuses on this action.

“Can I help you?”
“Quit it.”
“Go away.”
“Do you need medication?”
“I’m not that kind of (Fill in the race they portray.).”

In some games like World of Warcraft, some of the creatures you can summon to aid you in your travels may also have NPC’s of their own.  Perhaps to sell and trade items and even repair your weapons and armor.  One of the funny things they do is when you kick them off or you get off the mount, they become annoyed that you’ve abandoned them some place and while they seem to be angry, there’s nothing they can do about it and you can resummon them later.  This as a live action would be humorous as they are repeatedly summoned and dismissed throughout the movie and small jokes can be inserted everywhere.  Especially since they are repeatedly dismissed in the middle of no where with no way home or left in hostile areas.  This could also be a brief scene of drama as perhaps the hero confronts them as to why they are angry.  The in turn explain that their lives are tied to the main character.  They are unable to have lives of their own.  Maybe if there are two of them, they could perhaps be upset they can never have a romance as they only exist when summoned on the mount and fade away when dismissed.

Three Paladins walk into a bar.  A human female, an orc male and a goblin (we’re left wondering if it’s a male or female).  They stop and look at each other in disgust.  They are all wearing the exact same armor.  {insert drums here}

One of my personal favorites is how much stuff a character can carry and look like they are carrying nothing but the clothes on their back and their weapons.  Like the endless storage Hermione had in her beaded bag during the Deathly Hallows adventure.  In a live action MMO movie, we could have a simple leather purse or pouch affixed to the hero’s armor that could produce food to feed a small army, potions, extra armor and more.  Just moments during the film where they causally pull out epic things from something so tiny.

It’s little things like this and so much more that could make for one hilarious movie.  I’d need an entire room full of idea filled people to extract the tons of fun.  Maybe someday I’ll get the chance to do such a thing.  😯


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8 thoughts on “MMO The Movie Part II

  1. Andriol / Algore

    Yea it’s me. I’m great. Still hooked up on gaming. And while gaming you think of the greater and better times in games and communities. And I was thinking of the RoM community and remembered a few guildnames. Then I came here:)

    But how are you? Still gaming?

  2. Denver Fowler Post author

    I am still gaming. Currently playing WoW, Thief and some of my old favorites when I get bored. Though lately I’ve been gaming more than I’d like too. But it’s winter, lots of snow and cold. I did do a tour a nostalgia in Runes of Magic last year for a few months. Remembering the good old days when we all had the time of our lives. It really wasn’t so much about the game as it was the people. Sadly times changed and we all moved on. Due to health issues, I prefer to keep more off the computer than on if I can help it. Though the past few months I’ve nothing better to do as it’s too cold outside and I can’t do the things I want inside. I seriously need to move. Anyway things will get better.

    How’s things with you?

  3. Andriol / Algore

    Well as we speak I’m pvping in World of Warcraft (EU), Just like you a year maybe 2 years ago I also made a trip back to Runes of Magic but it was not even close to the game it used to be. All due to the fact it had such a nice community and that’s what I really miss in todays games. Like in WoW the game is really awesome but I only had a guild once that came close to the fun I had in RoM.

    Personally outside the games I’m doing fine, This summer I finished my education (Teaching Assistent) but I didn’t manage to find a job that fits my interests. During my RoM period I was having a bad time. I stopped a study gained a lot of weight didn’t go out to parties alot. But in my new study I was thinking alot and made a change. 1 summer a gave it all I got and spend it the whole summer training and since then I’m spending more time in the Gym then on the PC when I can. That decision made me lose 30 kilo’s / 66 pounds and I’m feeling alot better.

    But still, gaming will always be a part of me.

  4. Denver Fowler Post author

    Yeah I too gained a lot of weight during that era we all were together. It eventually led to my having 3 heart attacks. I’ve had some surgeries and I’ve lost a good amount of weight and still have about 90 pounds to go. Yeah.. I got to be a big boy for a while there. Not proud of it. I look and feel a lot better now.

    I never have been able to recapture that magic we had back then. Once we left RoM, and got into WoW, things just fell apart. In more ways than one. All my friends went their separate ways. Basically we only exchange Christmas cards now. Pam and I split up. She finally landed one of them British fellas and she’s happy now. They met in WoW (EU). He’s now a US Citizen. I moved back home to Michigan. To spend time with my sons when I can. Sadly Doc says I only have a few years left. Though I’ve outlived his initial quote of 2 years 🙂

    I basically play WoW solo. I have some old friends from way back in the day that we did some projects together but never gamed who play with me now. But I still find myself mostly just doing old content solo. It’s better that way as I don’t feel tied to the computer for hours doing raids and such. I can quit whenever I need a break. Try not to play for more than 2 hours. Summer time I walk several miles and just listen to music. Weekends I jam with my oldest son, we both play the drums. So all in all I’m content.

  5. Andriol / Algore

    I don’t have enough words to express myself! Just keep getting more energy out of your sons!!! You’re life has been a rollercoaster since the last time we’ve spoken. And the fact that you speak so openly about it and you just keep on going amazes and inspires me! Just keep on telling that doctor his 2 year diagnose is bulls*** and enjoy life to the fullest. I speak to you later, It’s 2:24 AM here.

  6. Denver Fowler Post author

    I’ve always been very open. Fuck it. What have I got to hide? Yeah I’ve had my ups and downs. But I trust that my luck will change. I always somehow land on my feet 🙂 Anyway, you have a good one mate! Feel free to message me any time.

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