I Miss Candy Shops

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Yummy CandyI miss Candy Shops.  Not the little candy shops around here we had as kids, that were actually Trading Posts where you could pick up Rock Candy on a Stick (Jeff Dunham reference anyone?).  Although I could go for that too I suppose, but it’s not what I’m craving lately.  Having lived in a metropolitan area for nearly 20 years, you get spoiled by all the commerce.  I do miss that.  Being able to hop in the car and within minutes be able to buy just about anything you wanted.  From furniture, to food, to entertainment, to just getting out of the house when you’re bored and window shop for hours on end.  Here, Amazon and I have become best friends.  The only busy place in this town is Wal-Mart.  Can I get a southern style screamin’ yeehaw?  Or perhaps a more realistic bored “whoopty fucking do….”.

Well that and the ever so popular, “Holy shit that’s overpriced!” Hobby Lobby 😯

Sure we’ve got lots of candy here in the Great White No-Where.  Pretty much any store you go into, has all the popular basics.  Wally-World and the Dollar Tree have probably the best selections, but still not one thing I’m craving lately.  I’ve even visited the same stores in Petoskey and still the same selection.  Oh sure we have our specialty fudge shops, a taffy shop or two and the popular Alpine Chocolate Haus.  Still not what I’m after.

Top of the list.  The good old fashioned Pecan Log Roll.  Where did these go?  Used to be able to find them during Christmas real easy.  That’s when I started wanting one.  Sure I can find Peanut Rolls.  But not the same thing and yippee!, I’m allergic to peanuts now. 😐

Next up, Charleston Chew.  Haven’t had one in at least four years now.  I guess the same goes for the others I’m looking for.  It’s been a while.  I can find every other candy bar I can think of, but not the good old (even better frozen) Charleston Chew.  Mini’s are even better.  Can’t find.

Jelly Belly’s.   Once you’ve had their bean, you really think every other jelly bean isn’t very good.  I can find a bag of 40 flavors at Wally-World.  But… That means there’s like 2 of each flavor in the bag and pretty much the majority of it isn’t what I want.  I miss going to a Candy Shop and having dispensers of each flavor to choose from.  So you could get your favorites, like Buttered Popcorn, Strawberry Cheesecake, Root Beer and other delectable flavors 🙂

I suppose if I really want those treats.  I’ll have to add them in on my next Amazon order.  Especially those orders that are just under the $35 free shipping threshold 😉

The first person to suggest I run off to Traverse City or some ridiculous distant location, is gonna get thumped in the nose 😕
(Damn I used a lot of smilies in this post….)


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