Table Manners

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Kitchen TableThough generally referring to how you act while at the dinner table.  I’m actually talking about the piece of furniture frequently referred to as the Dinner Table, Dinning Room Table or the Kitchen Table and how it’s become the wasteland of many people’s homes.  I’ll be honest in saying in the past 20 years I’ve spent less time at this table eating than I have cleaning it off of all the crap that gets dumped on it.  Or chasing others to take care of their stuff/mess that’s on it.

For some it’s the place to do bills.  Others it’s the first place to drop off snail mail and stuff that they brought home.  It’s also the staging place for things that have yet to be put away properly and can sit there for sometimes over a month.  In some cases, it’s just never cleaned off from being used for whatever.  Old food, dirty dishes and stuff just laying about on it.  None of which is my doing.  I prefer to keep it cleaned off and used for sitting down to meals.  Which is why when I lived alone, my place was always company ready.  Not just my last place either.  I’ve lived alone before.

In the past it was partially my fault for not running a tighter ship in my previous relationships I suppose.  Or for not choosing a mate who had similar house cleaning skills/habits.  Then again, you get tired of chasing people to take care of things.  When you finally do stop chasing them, things fall to ruin.  There are pictures of this I’d love to show off, but I know that would be mean of me.  Doesn’t help when the other adults are just as guilty as the children in the home.

Which is why I never understood if it was a table passed down from someone like a grand parent, why wouldn’t you make sure it was better taken care of?  If it were from my grand parents and in good or restorable shape, I would have.

Where I live now, the kitchen table is hardly ever used to eat at.  It’s the sewing table, work bench and plant holder.  It’s a damn nice table under all that junk mail and tools.  It’s a shame it’s always so cluttered that I eat in my room.  It’s not my mess on it, so I don’t feel the need to keep it clean.

I can’t wait to have my own place again.  Hopefully big enough to have my own kitchen table.  While I won’t have anyone else at home to make it a mess.  I will be proud to have a clean table to present sit down dinners with family and friends that I invite over 🙂