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HomeI wished I had renewed my lease at my apartment.  Sure it was tiny.  But this short stay has become several months too long where I am now.  I was only wanting to be here a couple of months until I found a new place in a different town closer to my kids.  Shortly after I moved out, I got the news that the company was being sold and that I was not to be a part of it when the deal closed.  A few weeks after that, my hours were cut in half.

The upside was that I had over 6 weeks of paid time off built up.  From October to December that managed to cover my missing wages.  If I didn’t love what I do, I’d just hop on the first job that came along, but it’s hard to let go of 11 years of a great job.  So I’m holding on for a bit longer while I try to find a suitable replacement.

However, I miss my freedom.  Sure I can come and go as I please, but I have to rearrange cars to do it.  The driveway is only one car wide, so that’s a pain in the ass. Which limits it to not wanting to wake anyone by borrowing keys, opening and closing car doors at inconvenient hours and such.

I spend 98% of my time here in my room as I don’t get along with the other housemate.  Plus all my stuff is in my room or my bathroom.  It’s very crowded.  Sometimes I will starve myself just to avoid having to deal with them.  Sadly there is no room for a mini fridge or food storage in my section of the house.

When insomnia strikes as it so often does these days.  I have little to do other than write blogs at 4:30am.  Or play games and watch Netflix with headphones on.  Don’t want to make any noise and arouse the angry beast.

What I miss most is playing my drums.  They are in parts in the closet and the rack is by my bed.  I’m not allowed to have them setup.

Looking back I should have renewed my lease.  I could have applied for assistance when the money got tight.  Instead I bought a car that pretty much only goes a few miles in a couple of weeks time.

I also miss taking my summer walks.  But that’s mother nature’s fault.  The bitch.

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