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Job Hunting on CraigslistAs if trying to find a job in the computer tech field around here isn’t hard enough.  Craigslist doesn’t make it any easier.  One of my many resources I try to use is Craigslist.  I’ve used it extensively in Virginia.  I’ve sold things.  I’ve bought things. I’ve found all sorts of stuff on it.  Though Craigslist isn’t without it’s incredibly dark side.  Porn, scams, prostitution and more.  It can be an incredibly scary place for the uninformed.

Although until now, I’ve never used it to find a job.  Though this area of Michigan doesn’t have a big population and Craigslist isn’t nearly as useful to me as it once was.  Even more so with job hunting.

For one, almost none of the Jobs identify who they are.  They say things like “Fortune 500 Company”, or “Established many years ago”.  As well as other terms clearly meant to make you feel like the company in question has a lot to offer.  Rarely do they say “Home Depot” or “Applebees”.  It’s like, “please apply for a job and we’ll drop the bomb on you like we’re a job no one would ever really want”.

A lot of the time, they do not tell you the location or phone number either.  The ad just asks you to send your resume in and they’ll let you know.

Here’s one of the ads:

Light Manufacturing – Bonus for Tech / Computer Skills

compensation: negotiable entry level

About Us:

We are a small footprint company (20+ people) located in Gaylord focused on the manufacturing of the liquid that goes into Electronic Cigarettes… We currently serve over 400 shops around the world, and have been featured in both the new york Times and Wall Street Journal (kinda cool) . . .

What We’re Looking For:

We are seeking a few new people to add to our production facility. There is a lot of space to move around inside the company depending on your interests and skills. At this time we are seeking a few new people to join the manufacturing arm of the company. You will be hands on, involved in the production of the products in an ISO Clean Room environment. it’s actually pretty fun, you get to where shoecovers (we provide)…

Hours and Compensation:

This is an entry-level position, with entry level pay. Shifts are normal daytime hours 8:30am to 5pm, but sometimes there is overtime shifts available to sign-up for…

Extra Considerations:

COMPUTER SKILLS! In normal production, you don’t have to use a computer, but if you’ve got computer skills, there are a few extra jobs you can train for, so if you’ve got strong computer skills, we’ll consider that a bonus.

How to Apply: Just send us an email, resume, or simply tell us about you in the email. include your contact information and we’ll schedule a time for you to come and apply! That’s it…

Yeah… That’s it.  No number, no location and no name.  Oh sure, let me give you all my personal information as I have no idea if you are a reputable company.  Could be 2 guys lurking in a warehouse smoking pot.  Looking for another sucker.

If your company is so damn great, why not boast about it?  Give us a name, and at least a location.  You can put in the ad, no walk-ins or calls.  If folks are stupid enough to ignore the instructions, simply deny them the job.  This black van with candy tactic is for chumps.

Granted being who I am.  I can control what information I give them as well.  So I made up a disposable email address, cut vital info from my resume and sent it in.  I want to see if this is a scam or not.

Hell, might be a good job.

Though if I suspect fowl play, I’ll be sure to let the proper authorities know (and everyone else 😉 )


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