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Today I’m presenting another web design demo site.  The thing people are into today is showing off their own skills and talents using live streaming via the internet.  Many have YouTube channels, but for those wanting more or wanting to have a more personalized space on the internet, here’s a great way to show your stuff!  Not only does this website look slick and is mobile friendly, but it also shows off the the owners passion for whatever they love to do.

Live Streaming Demo SiteClick Image to View Actual Demo

When you check out the actual demo website, it also shows off my ability to give it a dynamic header image when viewed in desktop mode.  This happens when you refresh the page or visit other pages.  Currently it only has one page, so refreshing or pressing F5 will change the header image.  In mobile mode it switches to a red background with just the logo for faster loading on mobile devices.  I did a lot of image manipulation based on the game of World of Warcraft and then allowed the images to show through without compromising the readability of the content on the site.  The image above states that Twitch requires an app to view it on a mobile device, but shortly after I made the image, I found that some of the newest phones will play it without an app!

This example would be for an individual or team of gamers what want to showcase their skills using Twitch. I can redesign it to fit any streaming website needs such as personal or professional internet broadcasts using a number of streaming service available today such as Ustream, Streamup and Vapers to name a few.

CastleRain Web DesignIf you’d like a live demonstration with a Twitch stream running to show off how it would behave, contact me and we’ll set something up 🙂


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