Indirect Conversations

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Indirect ConversationsOne thing that I’m getting very tired of lately is Indirect Conversations.  Person A, wants to know something from Person B.  But rather than asking them directly, they involve me.  Person C.  Who has little or nothing to do with what it is in the conversation.  So now I’m to go to Person B to find out information or pass on a message, and then relay it back to Person A.  Which usually goes back to relaying information or questions back to Person B again.  Why?

This sort of thing happens at work too.  Husband A, has an issue with their computer.  So instead of calling Tech Support B and describing their issue directly to me.  They have Wife C call for them and I can hear Husband A, telling Wife C what to tell me.  What the fuck?  If you want to know something, ask directly.  It gets incredibly frustrating to have to deal with what I call the translator.  Or worse, be the translator.  We aren’t actually translating one language to another, but passing the requested content back and forth like some sort of central communication device.  Don’t use people like that.  Grow a pair and call them or talk to them yourself.

If you are Person A and you have an issue with Person B, don’t drag Person C into it.  It’s not Person C’s issue.  Either fix it and get along with Person B or don’t.

Now if Person A wants to make plans with Person B and wants to involve Person C (me), here’s how you should do that.  Work it out with between yourselves.  Then one of you can invite me along.  When I become Person A or B, I don’t ask a Person C anything unless it’s supposed to be a surprise and Person B isn’t supposed to know about it just yet.  That as far as I can think, would be the only reason to involve a Person C.


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