Vent/TeamSpeak to Continue?

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Vent / TeamspeakYeah I don’t know where my head is these days.  Perhaps it’s all the nonsense going on in my life right now.  I know that earlier I said that soon would be The End of CastleRain Vent/Teamspeak.  It seems my friends didn’t speak up right away.  However I was convinced to leave it as it is and coax folks for donations after all to keep it running.  So that’s what I’m doing.

Although Tyler ran it after it became TeamSpeak and pretty much is the only one who knows the system.  It’s up for debate if we want to keep it TeamSpeak and learn that system, or switch it back to Ventrilo.  The only downfall to that idea, is the fact that Ventrilo hasn’t been updated since 2008.  It makes a person wonder if the company that has been saying it’s working on a Linux version since 2005, even cares at all about keeping bugs crushed and features fresh.  To the end users, it looks like at this point all they want is their license fees every year, sit back and collect fat checks.

But… Of the two, it’s the easier to operate as an admin.  I’ll have to see if there is a TeamSpeak for Dummies guide.  I’ll be honest.  I liked Vent.  Learning something that looks overly complicated just puts me off.

Though if you wish to keep the service alive, please donate by May 2015.  With my current situation, I won’t be able to afford it on my own.  That’s just the short and sweet of it.  So use the button on the right or this one here.

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