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Christmas Snow GlobeTry as I might, I haven’t found a suitable job yet.  I know some would disagree with me, but I’m really trying to avoid retail and fast food.  Mostly due to my health.  I’m an overweight desk jockey who hasn’t done much physical work or long periods of standing in years.  Plus the occasional chest pains, dizziness and shortness of breath.   Having heart disease sucks.  I would hate to get a job only to lose it because I don’t meet their needs for a work horse.  I’m all about brain power these days.  While I do exercise and can walk for an hour or more a day, that’s not the same as standing still on concrete floors for hours on end or breaking my back carrying heavy things.

Speaking of heavy things.  The only serious job interviews I’ve had were dealing with heavy lifting.  Apparently a person with a lot of computer experience equals loading and unloading trucks and moving heavy appliances.  Well that’s the reason they called me anyways.  Once I showed up to the interview, they saw me and realized I am heavy lifting material.  So no second interviews or follow up calls.  Well I did get an interview from a local pizza place, but they didn’t offer me a job.  Which at first I thought was odd as we talked up a storm about the pizza biz.  Then I realized he was holding out for that nice girl who couldn’t make her interview because she was snowed in.  I’m guessing she is also really attractive.  Of course it was on a day when the roads were really bad and we got nearly two feet of snow as well.  Made me realize that not having driven in real snow for many years that perhaps that wasn’t the greatest of job ideas for me.  Plus I could use some new tires and an alignment.  Here’s to hoping for a decent tax return.

Other than that, it’s been very quiet on my email and phone.  Of course the dwindling income has forced me to cut back on any spending.  I haven’t been to church in weeks.  I don’t go many places at all unless I absolutely have too.  My vacation time and personal time have been bled dry.  My boss has been cool and offered to pay me for full 8 hour days for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That’s pretty generous, but not enough to sustain things.  Guess my next move is to file for some assistance.  Not real happy about it.

Hell I’d take a job at any office doing clerical.  Though I don’t have the wardrobe for such a job nor the money to make such a wardrobe.  Been behind the scenes so long, I own only a couple nice clothes.

Which of course Christmas hasn’t always been a favorite holiday for me anyway.  While it’s supposed to be holiday cheer and good will toward others.  It’s rarely the case.  Stores get more busy, people have harsher attitudes and it’s just generally not very Christmas like.  Even my town doesn’t decorate the streets like they used too.

Then there’s the dumb things that like to happen to me at Christmas.  Several relationships have ended at Christmas and other general bad luck.  For the past two years I’ve skipped Christmas just because of high medical bills.  I’m still paying on two of them.  This year, I’m part time and no longer have my apartment.  Not happy about either.  Was not what I planned when I moved here.  Though I’m not giving up, just adjusting.

The good news is I managed to get a little something set aside before the money went dry.  So I’m not skipping Christmas for a third year.  It’s not as cool as what I was able to do for some birthdays earlier this year.  I wish I could repeat that performance.  Alas it’s a low budget Christmas.

Also, a shout out to my friend Jeff.  Who paid for six months of my game time so I can have something to do when I’m not filling out forms and answering psychological questions about if I should steal pencils from my employer.


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  1. Lennie and John

    Here’s hoping that things begin to look up. You have had your fill of bad luck and deserve a break.

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