The End of CastleRain Vent/Teamspeak

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Vent / TeamspeakTo all my friends I’ve gamed with on the CastleRain Vent / Teamspeak.  As I told Tyler, “I’m sad that it was games that brought us together only to pull us apart.”.  It was something Pam and I started in 2007 so we could have all our friends in one place.  Since leaving Last Chaos, we all went our different directions.  Some chose Runes of Magic and then World of Warcraft, others chose Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 mainly.  With a few odd games thrown in between.

You all have been and will continue to be my friends.  Tyler, you’ve been one of the best friends I’ve ever had and it’s a shame we never could agree on a new game together.

Over the past 3 years I came on less and less.  Usually it’s because I ended up just listening to what is going on and never having anything to contribute.  This year I offered it to Tyler to take over control, he has expressed no interest in doing so.  Thus, when the Teamspeak server comes up for renewal in the next few months, I will instead cancel it.  Please do not make any further donations to it.  Any donations will be considered as gifts or for services I’ve performed for some of you.

It’s a shame to see it end after 7+ years.  I’ll always remember the fun we had way back in the day and cherish those memories forever.  There are a million and one good times we had in that silly Vent software.

Though of course we can still talk via other means. Phone, Skype and of course the TS while it’s still up.

Contact me if you don’t have my Skype, Cell Number or Email address by using this email form.  Of course there is always *cough* *hack* *puke*, Facebook.