Food Fears

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Bread is BadThings come and go in weird phases.  With movies it seems there’s the year of the dinosaur, year of the aliens, year of the zombies and then half a decade of awful reboots.  Fashion seems to do the same things every few years only with small twists here and there.  I’ve seen 80’s style clothing come and go a few times in the past 15 years.   Pastels seem to make a round every 2 – 4 years.

Food on the other hand seems to have periods of fear.  They also don’t seem to repeat.  Looking back we’ve had the fear of fast food, fear of pink slime, fear of carbs, fear of everything non-organic (this one seems to have a good hang time) and many more of the past years.  This of course has spawned a million and one diet plans that sometimes you can’t escape from.  Thankfully Fatkins er Atkins is finally off all menus of restaurants I go too.  I was so fringing sick of it.

Although currently it seems the big thing is fear of gluten.  According to WebMD, gluten only seems to affect those allergic to it.  Which is 1% of the population.  Yet you can’t turn your head without seeing or hearing about gluten-free products.  It has of course spawned it’s own gluten-free diet plan.  Fine whatever.  Which is even more stupefying considering I don’t subscribe to a TV service of any kind and only watch shows on the internet.  Netflix thankfully remains ad-free, but YouTube and Crackle are ad filled.  Fine with me, YouTube and Crackle are free content, so being ad-supported I’m good with.  But it’s the same ads over and over and over.  So when it’s a gluten ad, it’s insane to watch it 10 times back to back.

Over time, the gluten craze will fade and some new thing will arise.  I think it’s going to be bread if the whispers in the wind are true.  Whatever.  We’re all going to die, may as well die happy.  I’m not giving up my bread.  Maybe someday I’ll start baking my own.  Perhaps buying store bought bread is to blame.  Who knows.  Sure due to my CAD (Coronary Artery Disease) I can’t eat fatty foods or sodium.  I don’t need special diets or menus or ads.  I can consciously cook and order my food just the way I need it and not have it everyone’s face day in and day out.  I think that’s what drives me the most crazy.  The in your face and make you feel guilty if you don’t jump on board campaigns.

Also makes me wonder when people became so allergic to every little thing.  If I had to guess, it would be pesticides and additives.  We keep thinking we can improve mother nature.  Yet many farmers from 50-80 years ago are still alive today and they don’t have these issues.  They are simply dying of old age.  Yet they drank milk from Bessy, made their own butter and many other things.  Honestly, the only advice I see fit to agree with is eating sensible non-fast food or easy to make crap and exercise regularly.  Seems to be working for me.  I’ve actually been given compliments on I’m looking thinner.  I wouldn’t know, I look the same in the mirror.

Still we’re all gonna die anyway.  Try not to let your last years be too boring.

If you really wanted to expand, you could also go with the fear of diseases.  Remember AIDS?  It was going to kill everyone.  So we thought in the 80’s.  Yet we’re breeding more than ever.  Fear of Bird Flu.  Fear of Ebola… Sigh…