My Thoughts on Windows 10

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Windows 10Well I was going to do a whole write up, but a great bloke over at TechTeamGB did this nice video overview of the new Windows 10 and said just about everything I would say.  It’s a nice OS and will be a worthy upgrade when it’s finished I believe.

However, my only differentiating opinion is the new Start Menu.  While it will detect if you have a touchscreen tablet or a full desktop and give you either the new hybrid start menu or the full on touch friendly Metro start.  If you use the new hybrid start menu, you can’t really customize or organize your applications and programs.  Well you can the live tiles, but your normal programs you can’t right click and add folder or explore which would take you to the file manager to customize it that way.  I like a nice clean start menu organized by categories such as Internet, Graphics, Multimedia and such and I only put the program shortcuts in these folders.  Which is why I’m still preferring Classic Shell.  This way my start menu is neatly organized and anyone can find exactly what they need.  Otherwise if you have a lot of programs and apps, or if the pre-built Dell you just bought is overloaded with things you’ll never use.  You end up scrolling endlessly to find what you want.  Ugh.

The new Windows 10 Start Menu

Me using Classic Shell (see how clean it is)

Honestly I’m a desktop fan anyway.  So live tiles I could care less about.  On my Windows Phone yeah it’s brilliant.  Desktop, not so much.

I wish software developers would also organize the start menu on their own in some sort of global collaboration, but you know that will likely never happen.  As they say, Many Minds, One Goal.  However it’s generally Many Minds, One Goal and every one has their own way to getting there.  Which we all know how that would turn out.  Just look at the hundreds of flavors of Linux.  I like Linux, but because everyone has different takes on how it should be done, sometimes you run into problems with your favorite programs not working on the different platforms.  Which is why I’m a Windows man still.  I’d love a Mac again, but it still wouldn’t be my main choice and honestly I can buy the parts to build 3 powerful Windows computers for the cost of a single comparable Mac.  Maybe someday I’ll get a Mac Mini.

Other than that, the video below says it all 🙂