Adventures in Job Hunting

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Job HuntingI’ve forgotten what a royal pain in the ass looking for a job can be.  I’ve been blessed to work for the same company now for a little over 11 years.  Sadly, the time at my current job is quickly coming to an end and I need to seek something new.  Actually it’s past time for that, but jobs here are harder to find than in the big city.  Especially in my line of work.  While I wish I could make my web design my full time career.  I just don’t possess the marketing skills to make that happen.  I wish I knew a marketing wizard.  I’d so partner with them.

Every day I get 4 to 5 emails with job suggestions in them.  However, the term “tech” is loosely used today for just about everything.  Surgical Tech, Radiological Tech, Garbage Tech, Home Shopping Tech and Nail Tech (as in painting fingernails and such) to name a few.  So tech jobs here are few and far between.  All the computer repair done in the area is by mom and pop places that don’t need outside help.  I can’t afford to open my own or I would.  Especially at the prices these folks charge.  For 4 hours of service, you can pretty much just go buy a new computer and spend the same amount of money.

I’ve been going from place to place checking for jobs.  Looking online.  Reading the paper and asking about.  That alone is exhausting to a person like me.  Plus now I have to deal with being handicap to an extent.  My medicines make me dizzy.  Having Coronary Artery Disease makes it so I can’t really do heavy manual labor.  Just helping at church today I thought I was gonna fall on my butt after moving a heavy object for one of the games needed at the upcoming Hallelujah Night.  Even if I lose all the weight I want, I’ll never be 100% again.  Thankfully I’ve outlived the doctor’s initial prediction 🙂

Anyway, today I took applied for a job online that included 150 psychological questions.  Just to prove to some company that I will always be on time.  To never suffer from stress or depression.  Never to call out sick or have health issues.  Plus, when customers and fellow employees present problems, to handle it all with a smile.  That I will do everything they ask, work as hard as possible, for any hours they desire for as little pay as possible.

I don’t know what’s worse.  Going into a business and filling out an application manually repeating the same crap over and over and over.  Or doing it online, but you can’t just copy and paste or send a resume and cover letter.  Oh no!  You much create an online account with each and every company you want to apply with.  Deal with their frustrating and endlessly poor search options just to find the position you want to apply for.  Many make you fill out an application for the same job in two different cities if you want to apply for both.  Couldn’t possibly just offer check boxes for several cities and apply all at once.  They must see how well you deal with mind numbing and frustrating bologna.  Then comes the spam for every job that comes available.  Doesn’t matter if it’s in another state.  They want to offer it up just in case you want a jump a plane and move your whole household for some pathetic wage else where.  Thank goodness for disposable email addresses 😈

The application process will take approximately 30 – 60 minutes.

Everything they need to know is in my cover letter and resume.  Why the hell do I need to refill everything out and take some nonsense psychological test.  These tests treat you like real life isn’t supposed to ever happen to their potential employees.  It’s all sunflowers and songs and whistling Dixie while you work.  Let’s just fade to black and white here, with some 50’s educational training background music.

Sorry.  It was the best video I could find.  Turns out if you search for “Old Training Video”, you get a lot of other stuff.


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