Checks and Crosswalks

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CheckWhile neither is related, they are both on my mind lately.  The cause of much frustration.  I constantly need to remind several folks who want money from me, that I live in the 21st century.  In the era of technology and instant transfers.  I hardly ever carry cash and I never carry checks.

Yet it floors me that there are still businesses around here that do not take credit cards or bank cards with Mastercard or Visa logos.  Yet they will take checks.  Credit cards can be instantly verified with a pre-authorization if need be.  Though generally this is not necessary as 99% of all transactions are verified at the time of payment.  We no longer live in the world of manual swipe machines.  Although I still think businesses need them as a backup to their internet situations.  Checks on the other hand, are just far too easy to have a fraud situation.

What is killing me, is even though I use online bill pay for a couple of businesses that haven’t caught up with the technology age and a person who I’m making payments too.  When I do send them a check, it generally takes them weeks to cash the damn things.  I like to keep track of my money on a frequent basis.  It drives me crazy when I’m trying to balance my budget and I’ve got money floating around that isn’t accounted for.  It’s always with checks.  As of today, all but one check is still not cashed that I sent out last month.  Come on already!  It’s almost mid October, I’d really like to close out September.

One such payee, I happen to already pay the bill when I was in their office.  Though I guess they had sent me a bill the day of or prior.  So when I got the bill and paid it with bill pay as well.  They got the check but never bothered to send it back or notify me that it was not needed.  So I spent a whole month wondering why it wasn’t cashed.  When I called, they finally told me and I was annoyed that they just let it hang out there without a word.  Have you ever wanted to reach through a phone and choke someone?

I wish everyone would get a way to take electronic payments.  Even average Joe’s.  I do.  It’s not hard to get that ability now.  All one needs is a free PayPal Business or Square account.  I highly recommend it!

I do have to say, now that I’m single, I’m doing pretty good for a guy who hates his situation.  I’m not rich, but I’m handling my own money just fine 🙂

Crosswalk SignalCrosswalk signals are not an indication that if a pedestrian is crossing, to gun the engine and try to see how close you can get to killing the person crossing.  It’s to let them cross.  On average, it only takes me around 10 seconds to cross.  Though I can’t count the number of times this summer alone I’ve nearly been hit or killed.  If that is too much time out of a drivers pathetic life, that’s just tough tanookies.

I figured living in a small town, this wouldn’t be nearly the issue it is in the big traffic heavy cities.  Nope, turns out stupid people are in abundance everywhere.  Of course it doesn’t help when soccer mom Jill has her phone to her head making it hard for her to look both ways before tromping on the gas pedal of her overpriced SUV.  Or when teens and grandparents alike are looking at their laps rather than the road.  I see it every single day.  I look both ways before crossing.  Yet they still pound on the gas even after I’ve started walking.  There are many times now when I am at a 4 way stop with nothing but stop signs and I’ll stand there and wait for all cars to go by because I can’t trust none of you bastards to yield to a pedestrian.  That’s just sad.  I know I certainly remember that part of drivers education, and that was 30 years ago.  Though I so wish I was 30 years younger.

At least I can assure you, when I am driving, pedestrians will have the right of way.  As for the jackass honking behind me to go, they will get my friendly American one finger salute 🙂

As quoted from the Michigan Legislature website:

Vehicular traffic, including vehicles turning right or left, shall yield the right-of-way to other vehicles and to pedestrians and bicyclists lawfully within the intersection or an adjacent crosswalk at the time the signal is exhibited.

Even if there is no crosswalk signal, traffic is to yield to pedestrians according to Michigan Legislation.