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GirlfriendFinding the right girl is turning out to be a challenge.  Especially around this town.  Seems if a man wants a woman who loves drinking, country music, hunting, camping and sports.  He’ll be in heaven.  But if he wants a woman who likes upbeat modern rock, gaming and technology.  He’ll be very lonely.  There have been times that the only reason I can think of that some women here don’t carry spit cups and chew tobacco; is that they are already yapping or texting on a smartphone in one hand, and drinking coffee from the other.

I’ve been told that “you don’t have to have everything in common”, but it seems it would be pretty much nothing in common.  Honestly if every time they turn on their music and all I hear is drinking references and some lament about an ex lover, I would end up medications for depression.  So musical tastes are kind of a must for me.

It would be also refreshing to find a woman who not only understood the word commitment, but actually practiced it.  I grew up hearing how men were afraid to commit but in reality, I’m finding this to be very much the opposite.  Sadly showing just how shallow they can be.

I’m not seeking a beauty queen by any means.  As far as the avatar I made for this post, it’s not my fault they don’t have a plus size option.  I find women attractive in many shapes and sizes.  Though despite all this “I’m sexy no matter my size.” stuff women are really pushing these days.  Once you’ve had a heart attack and are struggling for your life, you realize perhaps being overweight isn’t so sexy after all.  When I picked up my video disc of my stent surgery, I watched a man break down in the cardiology department as his overweight wife was struggling to live.  She was younger than me and having a heart attack.  Granted, weight isn’t the only issue, but generally it’s very much tied to it in some form or another.  I’ve sadly got a big hill to climb and very little tools to do it with.  I’m still working at it day by day.  I don’t much care if my girl is overweight so much as she too is trying to change it.  To be quite frank, I like curves 🙂

It would be so nice to actually enjoy watching TV curled up with my loved one on the couch.  However, if all she watches are skanky reality shows, Animal Planet, Food and HG TV.  Or God forbid, soap operas.  Then all we’ll end up doing is spending time apart.   That’s no fun at all.   So having similar interests would really help.

What’s wrong with wanting a geek for a girlfriend?  Smart is the new Sexy.  Besides it would be nice to talk about things that interest me without her eyes glazing over like a doughnut.  It would be refreshing to have an intellectual conversation for a change.

Of course there is another way to look at this I suppose.  Perhaps the reason I can’t find such a girl is that they are in such demand, that what I’m finding, is all that’s left.  😈


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