Why did you Friend me?

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ConfusedIt’s no secret that I’m not that big of a fan of Facebook or any Social Networking for that fact.  However since it is the only way to reach some folks.  As they never check their email or texts.  I’ve conceded to it and managed to find a use for it on a small level.  Like draw your attention to the real internet.  Also, to make you laugh, think, admire my web design skills, advice on your technical gear or wonder when I will take over the world with my army of Flying Monkeys.  Probably all I will ever do with it too.

What I don’t understand is why of the (current count) 61 friends I have, there’s a good handful who never talk to me.  They added me as a Friend, but then have yet to speak one word to me.  Some have added me, then dropped me, then added me again.  I guess they are on the fence about being my friend.  Then there are a couple of individuals who don’t actually talk to me as a friend, but they just advertise their goofy business ventures of things I’d never be interested in.  They would know that if there were truly my friend.  They would know something about me.

Why would you just add me and never speak to me?  Say hello or at least act like you’re my friend.  Can’t say I count some of my Facebook friends as actual Friends.  Some I have refused their request as I just don’t see the point.  Plus, I don’t see the need to have 500 friends who just end up ignoring things I share anyways.  Is there some sort of prize for having huge numbers of people you’ve never met or even spoken too?

As for me, I’ll only add people I actually know as a friend.   Doesn’t mean we’ve ever met face to face, but we’ve built a rapport online or over the phone at the very least.  Plus, I’ll actually make an effort to keep contact with you.  Sure it might be a couple of months between chats, but it’s an effort to maintain some friendship.  Not like I’ll ask you to help me move.  Don’t think I’ll ever ask for anyone’s help to do that again.  Last couple of times has left me feeling guilty.  Sadly this last time wasn’t my fault, yet I feel like I’ve been a bad person for having to have done it.

Finally, if you don’t have time for me ever, don’t bother with me.  That’s just rude.  Adding me as a friend and then never speak to me.  Or perhaps talk to me once saying we should get together sometime and then never follow up on it.  If I have to wait for that kind of nonsense, this is what will happen.

My Tombstone

So if you’re going to be my friend, put a little effort into it.  I’m not asking for too much.  Just a note or message every couple of months.  Otherwise if all I am is someone you knew or have no time for.  Leave me be.  It’s much lonelier to be alone surrounded by people who don’t care.  I’d rather be involved with those who do.