Moving from Ventrilo to TeamSpeak 3

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TeamSpeak 3With Ventrilo not having updated since August 2008 (something I’ve been complaining about for a while now) and the fact that some folks believe that it’s easier to setup folks on TeamSpeak 3 than it is to setup Ventrilo.  Honestly the info is basically the same, but it’s the tweaking and friendliness to the user.  TeamSpeak has a Wizard.  And who doesn’t like a good Wizard right?

In any case, the change is set to take place this Friday in the morning.  So get yourself a copy to the TeamSpeak 3 client from the icon below.  Installing Overwolf is optional and might make your life easier or more frustrating, depending on your point of view.

I will post the port number when I get it on Friday, but the hostname will be:

In theory, all channel, admins, MOTD’s and passwords will be preserved.  Though as with any change, there are bound to be things needing fixing.  Please be sure to contact me or Tyler if you find an issue.

Download TeamSpeak 3