My Windows Phone 8.1

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Windows Phone 8.1So I’ve had my new Windows Phone for roughly six months now.  I can say without any doubt, that it was the best $50 I ever spent on a Smart Phone.  Unlike my previous “low cost” Android phones, this one is faster and smarter in every way.  In the past 5 years, I’ve spent roughly $500 on Android phones that were supposed to be entry level and money saving.  But they always needed to be rebooted or didn’t have enough memory to run anything.  This was complicated by the fact that services like Virgin ran over the already over saturated Sprint network.  In addition, all the low cost Androids were on 3G at the time.  If you wanted 4G, you had to buy a much more expensive Android.  Defeating the idea of low cost.

Granted, I tried recently to go with an actual contract version of my Windows Phone on the model the Nokia Lumia 1020.  You know the one with the nifty 41 Megapixel camera?  Yeah (drools)

My situations being what they are, they wanted a security deposit and then an insurance plan paid monthly.  I think I’ll stick with my Nokia Lumia 520 that I can replace for another $50 if I destroy it on accident.  Besides the low cost monthly $40 plan suites me just fine.  So all in all, I’m finally saving money on my smart phone.  I don’t think I’ve kept an Android more than 6 months.  I still can’t justify the cost of an iPhone when I can do the same for so much less and I find the interface of the new Windows Phone 8.1 to be incredibly sexy.

Oh yeah, I signed up for the “developer preview” and am currently running Windows Phone 8.1.  It’s not as crazy social networking integrated as Windows Phone 8.  I miss being able to use my SMS interface to message my Facebook friends and family.  (I did not just say that. /facepalm)  Or view photos from all my Facebook friends and family.  (Oh god, it’s sucking me in.  MAKE IT STOP!!!)

You know, I blame all of you for forcing me to use Facebook…  Just so you know.  It’s not my fault you can’t just be happy with email and text messaging and have forgotten what a real website looks like.  Bastages…

</end rant>

OK, what was I saying?  Oh yeah, I’m using Windows Phone 8.1 now.  The upgrade will be free when it’s released in final version.  Though I can say the preview version works very well.  I do like being able to change the background image such as my multicolored bubbles or swirls as pictured above.  The coolest things are the live tiles that keep me up to date and now that you can customize fully the sounds and alerts you get from each app you use.  Plus, Cortana is turning out the be very handy.  Yes, I’ve tried to mess with her some.  Turns out whoever programmed her responses has a great sense of humor.  Just ask her to sing you a song, tell you a joke or predict the World Cup sometime 😉

My favorite features are still how it seamlessly integrates all my contacts from Facebook, Skype, Twitter (if I had Twitter), Microsoft/Outlook and more and allows me to do just about everything right from my contacts list.  From sending messages to sharing photos and thoughts.

I also have to admit the voice recognition is far superior to that of Android.  Though I don’t have an iPhone to borrow to test that with.  So I’ve no idea how iPhone handles voice commands and typing for me.

But my favorite feature of all time.  Swipe typing!  Fastest way to text and send emails (or anything else that requires typing really).

It’s just the best phone for the money.  Period.  I get to do all sorts of nifty things and the selection of apps is growing daily. 🙂

Just some of my lock screens.  Just felt like sharing.  (forgive my OCD, their in Alphabetical order)

Lock Screens